Monday, April 7, 2008

spring poetry

Here's a poem I found in a binder I'd not been using. The binder is some years old, and I think the poem is at least more than two years old. I've reclaimed the binder, and reclaimed the poem too!

Petals dance
from the cherry trees
like so many
tiny white butterflies,
fluttering to the ground
in a cascade of
snow colored wings.

Lacy cotton clouds
glide leisurely across
a robin's egg sky.....

and wind chimes laugh
their music
over a teasing wind.

The baritone hum
of the lawnmower,
the merry chatter of birds
calling to each other......
my eyes and ears feast
on the glorious
song and dance
of spring.

all words copyright 2005 by leeswords. reproducing any or all of these words prohibited unless by express permission from author. if you like what you read, please ask to post it, don't steal it!


EEEEMommy said...

Beautiful! I can totally picture it!
I love poetry that doesn't rhyme! :)

duckygirl said...

Lovely! Now if that spring would just come to my house instead of the rain :)