Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mr Wonderful!

Okay, here's the long awaited picture of my husband. I decided to do a post in honor of him today, just because I love him!

I think my husband is a major hunk!

I met him when he was 20 and I was 15 (gasp!) and I can say it was love for me about oh, 3 days later! This summer he celebrates a big milestone birthday, only I won't tell you which one.....but that tells you how long we've been together.

In my last post, I referenced my husband several times, about him being tight fisted and frugal......he is, but he is so good to me when I do spend money! I don't want it to sound like he is a miser or a skinflint. I have cute clothes and a new pair of shoes because he works hard away from the home to provide for me.

This man is the culmination of all of my dreams. He is the answer to the prayers I didn't know how to pray as a little girl. He is the second best thing that has ever happened to me (the Lord saving me is the number one best thing!).

Not only is he my dream boat, but he's really handy as well. He can pretty much fix anything.....and he'll even plunge the toilet!!

This man loves me. It never ceases to amaze me how he loves me.

Tomorrow morning, very early, I will take this man to the airport. I will watch him get on a plane. He will wing his way away from me to go see his music put into the movie that will come out this summer. I'm being pretty brave.....

But what will I do in an empty bed the size of New York City?

We will make the best of it, but we'll long for him deeply! We'll be counting down the days till he gets home. We really hate it when he's gone!

So pray for us! Pray for me specifically, as I parent alone for a few days......I hate it when he's gone because he shares so many burdens here!

And pray for me, because it will be one perpetual party for him in Colorado! Friday night pizza party.........fellowshipping with his crewmates........seeing how production works.....basically like a kid in a candy store! I'm green with envy!!! LOL!

He deserves every minute of it and more!

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Rebeca said...

I hope the time goes by quickly while your husband is away. I'm pretty pathetic when Erik is gone too- I usually try to take the kids and get away for a few days so we're not pining away for him at home so much. Last summer we got really adventurous and drove all the way up to BC! With three it will be a little harder.