Friday, April 4, 2008

The deal of the century!

You gals are NOT going to believe this!!!!!!

I want to tell you all why I'm so pumped, but first, a little background!

We're all huge fans of Anne of Green Gables around here. I myself have read all of the books and we also have the Focus on the Family radio drama series too, which I got on Amazon a couple of years ago, and we've all (including my almost teenage son!) have listened to the CD's a dozen times or more.

Lately I've really been wanting to get the videos for my kids to watch, and for me, so I can revisit old friends and make new memories with my kids. I've had my eye out for several months now, but wow, they were all way too expensive!!!! I'd just about lost all hope of ever having the privilege of introducing the characters from the beloved series to my children "in person".....

Until just about a half hour ago.

I went on eBay. I had gone on eBay and done a search for the videos, thinking that I would be able to afford them better than I could the DVD's. Yes, there were lots of offerings, with the DVD's going for like $50! So I looked into the videos and also found lots of offerings, and found the set on video two days ago. I saved it to watch in my eBay, and promptly forgot about it.

Today I got an email telling me that the auction had a little over two hours left on it. I was certain I wouldn't win, after all, this series is so hot, it's hard to get! So I didn't bid and, you guessed it, promptly forgot about it!

Of course, I got another email, and when I clicked over to eBay, the auction had only TWO MINUTES to go!!!! I knew my chances had been blown, and I was so sad, so sad!

Well, I bid anyway, and I purposely set my bid high so I had a fighting chance on winning......

And guess what??

I WON!!!!!!!!!!!

But the really-ridiculously-fantastic thing about this meandering post is that I WON ALL FOUR VIDEOS FOR $6!!!!!!!!! SIX DOLLARS, LADIES!!!!! EMILY, ARE YOU GETTING THIS????? WITH SHIPPING, THE TOTAL WAS A MERE $10!!!!!!!

It's the deal of the century, gals.

I'm so incredibly pumped, and you shoulda been here the last 2 minutes of the auction, as I counted down and constantly refreshed the page! We were all so excited!

And now my kids will get to see everything they've only heard about, like The Lake of Shining Waters, and the Haunted Wood, and the White Way of Delight! They'll get to know and adore Anne and Matthew, and come to respect and love Marilla. My son will get to "meet" one of his favorite characters, Miss Rachel.....They'll get to look on as Anne has her first "grown up" tea and Diana gets drunk! They'll see Anne after she dyes her hair. They'll feel the angst and attraction between Gilbert and Anne......

And I'll get to drink in the joy on their faces as they watch!

I'm thankful for eBay!!!!!


Marsha said...

Good for you!

Okay, confession time. I have never read nor watched Anne of Green Gables.

Last year, I finally listened to a horribly abridged audio version that I bought at the dollar store.

So there you have it. Tom Clancy, The Iliad and even letters written by the Puritans... but not Anne of Green Gables.

Maybe I'll Netflix it to see what the fuss is all about...

Tasha said...

Hi there!

I just started reading your blog, i saw the comment with you blog link on Angie Smith's blog about baby Audrey. Anyway the point of this comment was that Im from PEI.. the land of Anne of Green Gables and thought it was cool that you were posting about it :)

Take Care!