Saturday, June 29, 2013

14 Weeks (Almost)

Hmmm, I guess I could have waited until Monday to do this update, as I'm going to be 14 weeks then.

14 weeks!! I can't believe it and I'm so relieved to be this far along!

I guess I'm getting closer to 4 months pregnant!! Two more weeks to go and I'll be 16 weeks!

I've seen this list of cute pregnancy update questions going around on some other blogs, and I think it would be fun to answer them.  Here we go:

How far along: 13 weeks and 5 days.

How am I feeling? I was pretty nauseated and SUPER exhausted at first.  But now, at 14 weeks, most of the nausea has gone.  I only feel nauseated if I get too hungry.  I'm still a bit more tired than usual.  I usually take one nap a day and I'm trying to get to bed no later than 10 PM each night.

Maternity clothes? Absolutely.  I have a "Leftover" baby bump, so my bump makes me look like I'm farther along then I really am.  In fact, early this month someone asked me when I was due and when I told her December, she reared back in astonishment and said "are you sure? You look like you're due tomorrow! Are you sure there's only one in there??"  Boo.  So yes, I'm already into the few maternity clothes that I have.  I still have my Old Navy online cart full of the things that I want and still hope to get them soon.

Gender? We don't know yet, but yes, we will find out! Samantha and Lucie want our baby to be a girl, and all the other kids want a boy.  Daddy doesn't care, he just wants a healthy baby.  I'm not sure if our baby is pink or blue....I don't have an impression so far.

Cravings? Oh yes! A lot of Mexican food.  Burgerville burgers.  Coffee drinks from my favorite place.  Tartar sauce.  Today I craved lemon.  I think that's it......Oh! One more: steak and eggs with hash browns and hollandaise sauce!

Weight gained?  I'm not sure about how much weight I've gained.  I hadn't weighed myself in about a year.  I had lost about 15 lbs in late November/early December.  The first time I've been weighed was at my first midwife appointment last month.  I will be weighed again on Wednesday at my next appointment.  I don't think I've gained any weight so far.

Sleep?  I'm sleeping alright.  It varies.  I know that before too long I'll not be able to sleep at all!! I usually get pretty uncomfortable around 6 to 7 months pregnant.  At least it'll be cooler than it is now.

Stretch marks? What a silly question for someone who has had 15 pregnancies!! I do have stretch marks, but they are very, very light colored.  Prior to being pregnant with twins, I only had them really, really low on my tummy because I usually carry my babies very low.  But when I was pregnant with twins, Olivia was Baby B, and she sat above my belly button, with her head on my left side.  Now I have these subtle stretch marks around my belly button, almost like Someone was cupping Olivia in His hands.

Best moment this week? Wow! The best moment this week was every single day! I've almost made it to 14 weeks, and that is a true miracle.  I do not take even one day for granted.  The Lord is so gracious to me to allow me to shelter this little life. I cherish each and every day.

Looking forward to? I'm really looking forward to my next appointment, which is Wednesday.  We decided to go with a midwife this time, and all of my friends have her and I've never heard a negative thing about her.  I'm so excited to see her again.  I'm excited to see Baby again too!! I'm also anticipating stronger and stronger movement as Baby gets bigger!!

Miss anything? Well, I miss not being fearful of labor and delivery!! For me, as soon as that pregnancy test turns positive, the first thing that enters my mind is "OH NO, labor and delivery!!!!" That's the only thing I'd change! I don't want to be fearful of something inevitable, and what's more, it's something that I've done so many times before and really, it hasn't been horrible or devastatingly painful! 

Names? Yes, we do have names picked out, both a girl name and a boy name.  I'm not sharing them yet, though!! 

Movement? Believe it or not, YES!! I've actually been feeling movement since I was 10 weeks pregnant.  First of all, I know what it feels like when a baby moves in my womb, as opposed to gas or a muscle spasm! And, I talked to my midwife about it at my first appointment and she said that the way the amniotic fluid and the baby are positioned and the VERY ACTIVE state of the baby that we saw on the ultrasound, she said that each time the baby kicks their strong little legs, it was like a ripple effect, and with the good amount of fluid surrounding baby, I'd be able to feel it already. I feel vibrations and pokes and very strong flutters, especially after I eat.

There you have it.  I'm not sure if I'll do Bump Pictures.  It's kind of embarrassing to be this big when I'm not incredibly far along! I'm still contemplating Bump Pictures.  Let's just say, if I do do a Bump Picture, you'll be surprised!   

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Song

Many years ago, my children and I watched "Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron".

We love horses here so of course we loved the film.  It was very well done and we thought the story line was unique and very well thought out.

When the movie started, I really expected to only be entertained and truthfully, I thought it was going to be a cheesy, stupid environmental flick.

I ended up being totally taken by surprise.

The biggest surprise for me was that God spoke to me.

Now, before I go any further with this post, let me say that I believe that the Lord can speak to His children through any medium imagined, whether it be through nature or a painting or a story or a thought or a song. He is the Author of every single creative medium, so the idea that He could speak through any medium is logical....but it wasn't for me! I thought that He only worked through "spiritual" outlets.  I was sure He only spoke through "religious" medium.  

And now I realize how wrong I was!

While watching Spirit, a song played during the scene where the horse was being transported in a train car during the beginning of a snow storm.  He had been stolen from everything he had known and loved and he didn't know where he was headed.  He felt that he was at his very lowest.  He felt that he was in a dark pit and he just wanted to quit.

We watched the movie during the most dark, very hardest time in my life.  I had experienced tremendous loss and grief up to that point and to tell you the truth, I was in the midst of a crises of faith.  

Then I heard "Sound the Bugle Now" 

And it was as though a lightning bolt from Heaven split the sky and struck my heart.  The words to the song illuminated my mind and I actually felt the Lord's presence in the song.  He spoke to me through that song, and to this day, whenever I listen to that song, my eyes tear up and my heart wells up with gratitude to the Lord for picking me up out of the pit I was in and using a song from an animated movie, of all things, to get my attention.

So, here are the words to that song.  I think someone out there reading this needs to hear this message, so I pray that Christ would hasten the words deep into your heart!

"Sound the bugle now,
play it just for me.
As the seasons change,
remember how I used to be.
Now I can't go on,
I can't even start,
I've got nothing left,
just an empty heart.
I'm a soldier,
wounded so I must give up the fight.
There's nothing more for me,
lead me away....
or leave me lying here.

Sound the bugle now.
Tell them I don't care.
There's not a road I know
that leads to anywhere.
Without a light I fear that I will
stumble in the dark...
lay right down
decide not to go on.

Then from on high,
somewhere in the distance,
there's a voice that calls
'remember who you are!
If you lose yourself
your courage soon will follow.
So be strong tonight!
Remember who you are!'

Yeah you're a soldier now,
fighting in a battle,
to be free once more.....
yeah, that's worth fighting for!'"

"Sound the Bugle Now" by Bryan Adams from the soundtrack
of 'Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron'

Monday, June 24, 2013


I read this in my Bible study book this morning, and it had a huge impact on me.  

Honestly, I hadn't read my Bible lately.  I hadn't opened my Bible for a very long month.  I had gotten lazy and bored and truthfully, didn't want to put forth the effort of culling the vast wisdom represented in its pages....and that sounds so foolish to me, once written down! Nothing good can come when I am not in the Word daily.

I was reminded again of Romans 8:35-39, which I've read countless times, but you know how you go through day-to-day life and you forget those scriptures that you highlighted or copied down or wrote on index cards?? 

I had forgotten Romans 8:35-39.....we are more than conquerors.......

But it came back to me in a new and deeper way, and I prayed that Christ would carve it deep into my heart so that I could remember in a new way.

I wanted to share this word picture with you.  I felt that someone out there needed to hear this.

"The best steel is subjected to the alternatives of extreme heat and extreme cold.  In cutlery you will notice that the knife blades are heated and beaten, and then heated again and plunged into the coldest water, in order to give them the right shape and temper.  You will also observe a large heap of rejected blades, rejected because they would not bear the tempering process; when put upon the grindstone, little flaws appeared in some that, up to that point, had seemed perfect.......

Souls are heated in the furnace of affliction, plunged into the cold waters of tribulation, and ground between the upper and lower stones of adversity and disaster.  Some come out ready for the highest services; others are unfit for any but the lowest uses......

Be still in the Hands of God until He tempers you.

'Stop now!' says the knife-blade to the Cutler. 'I have been in the fire often enough! Would You burn the life out of me?'

But again it goes into the glowing furnace and is heated to white heat.

'Stop hammering! I have been pounded enough already!'

But down comes the sledge.

'Keep me out of this cold water! One moment in the fiery furnace, and the next in ice water! It is enough to kill me!'

But in it goes.

'Keep me off the grindstone! You'll chafe the life out of me!'

But the blade is made to kiss the stone until the Cutler is satisfied.

Now see! You may bend it double, yet it springs straight as an arrow.  It is as bright as polished silver, hard as a diamond, and will cut like a Damascus blade.  It has been shaped, tempered and polished.  It is worth something.

Be still and let God temper and polish you, and you will be worth something too.  Allow yourself to be prepared for usefulness.  He will give you a post of holy renown if you will let Him fit you for it! Be still in the furnace while the Holy Ghost molds and polishes your soul!"  R.V. Lawrence

Oh Father!! Place Your hand upon me that I may be still as you temper, shape and polish me for Your plan!

Monday, June 17, 2013


Today I've reached a milestone.

I'm 3 months pregnant!!

I made it.  I made it to the first important milestone!

To say I'm relieved is an understatement.

I can feel Baby moving around in there,  especially when I'm laying still, as I often do these days.  It's such a reassurance to me.  I'm pretty sure this baby is the most active baby I've had, already!!

I'm pretty tired! I'm blessed to have teens and I'm so thankful that I can sleep when I need to and they can take care of everything and I don't have to worry.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you who have prayed for me and continue to pray for me.  I appreciate it so much.  Please keep praying!

My next midwife appointment is in two weeks! Actually, 15 days to be exact, right on my husband's birthday! And I'll get to see Baby again.  She said I can have an ultrasound any time I want to ease my mind and to see Baby as much as I want.  She's a really fantastic midwife!

I just realized how early it is! I got up just before 6 because my body is unable to sleep past 5:30 or 6.  Sometimes I want to sleep all day.  I think I'll go back to bed and lay there.  It's my husband's day off today, so I think I'll stay in bed today.

Baby needs the rest, and so does Mama!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Girl

My Girl.  My 10 year old girl who is so much older than that......there's a very special place in my heart for her.  There are so many things about her that are so enchanting and delightful and fetching.....

And her freckles? They melt my heart....She has alabaster complexion, but she has this fanciful sprinkle of golden fairy dust across her nose...the freckle picture is one of the most beautiful and eloquent pictures I've ever seen.  

I remember the day she was born, and now, to see the fringe of her eyelashes in the mellow light of sunset, to look at the gentle curve of her ruby heart stalls at the thought that young womanhood is just around the corner for My Girl.  

Lord, I look so forward to her growing up....but Lord, don't hasten that day too quickly, for I am enthralled by the beauty and grace of My Girl-Child!

Pictures taken by Hannah J Gilchrist.  Reproduction or printing forbidden. Pictures copyright HJG 20013

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


This is Lucie.
She's four.
This is what four looks like.

Pictures taken by Hannah J Gilchrist.  Reproduction forbidden.  Copyright HJG20013.  

Monday, June 10, 2013


Hey, I don't know if you noticed, but I put a Baby Ticker on my sidebar!!

I know it's super early in the pregnancy to do that, but I just HAD to! I love logging in to my blog and being able to see how many days are left and seeing that little baby grow in there! The pregnancy feels so much more official when I see the ticker, steadily ticking off the days.

Today begins my 11th week of pregnancy.  SO glad to be at this point. One more week and I'll officially be 3 months pregnant!

I was actually shopping for a maternity swimsuit the other day.  I was looking online.  Now friends, you must understand that I haven't worn a real swimsuit for hmmm, about a decade, and also, friends, let me say that things just do NOT look the same as they did back then!At almost 40, and with all of the babies this mama has had, well, I wonder if things are even in the right spots anymore??  Still, I felt the need to look for a swimsuit so I don't get left behind should we go to the beach on those rare, cherished hot summer days in Washington! I looked and looked, and let me tell you, I guess I am truly out of the loop because, HEAVENLY DAYS, I was sure the prices must be typos because man, a lot of them were at least a hundred bucks! I prefer a two piece thing with a little swim skirt, just to cover my road map thighs, and I prefer something that covers the necessities well.....needless to say, I'm still looking!

I tell you what, this pregnancy is kickin' my booty! I am SO tired!!! Just tired.  I go to bed a tiny bit too late, and some nights I'm visited by the bane of my existence,, I have to get up to use the bathroom at least once in the middle of the night. I'm thinking, it's too early in the pregnancy to have insomnia! So, no matter what time I go to bed or how I sleep, my body wants to get up at 5:30! I drag myself out of bed and do stuff before the kids awake, and then, by 10:30 AM, if I sit down, I'm literally nodding off in the chair! I'm SO tired.  I'm waiting for the magical point where the tiredness goes away. Please Lord, let it be soon!

I wrote a post about pregnancy cravings.  I think they're so odd and so fun and so crazy! I like reading about what other mamas crave! I'm still pretty consistently craving Mexican food and coffee drinks.  One craving that's really recent and totally unusual for me is this: lately I've been making my special sausage gravy.  Now, the funny thing is, I don't even LIKE sausage gravy and I can't STAND to cook the sausage right now, but Daddy had a long weekend and it was his request, and I also made some for dinner one night too.  I was NOT going to eat it, but it looked so good (for some reason) that I tried it, and now I'm wanting it all the time.  Strange.  This morning I'm going to make two pieces of Udi's toast, two eggs over medium (another odd thing for me) and I'm gonna slap some of that luscious gravy on top! 

I'm still drooling over my Old Navy online shopping cart.  Sometimes I go online and look at it, just to see everything in it and just to see if I need to edit it and take something out, and I just want everything in there and think everything is darling and can't leave any of it! Sigh.....

I think my nausea is getting better. Now, just so you now, and please don't hate me, but I never, ever have gotten morning-or-any-other-time-of-day sickness with any pregnancy but the twins.  This time, I've been pretty nauseated.  Like, don't-touch-me nauseated, without being able to do anything about it.  You know the type, when your very teeth are nauseated? That's letting up. I only get hit with it now when it's time to make dinner! Yeah, fun! I feel so sorry for those mamas who can't do anything but throw up.  God decided I wouldn't be like that, but anytime nausea isn't fun I said, don't hate me!

My friend Laura got me an outfit out of my Old Navy online cart, and I was totally surprised and I cried when she told me she had done it! Let me tell you, it is the most comfortable outfit I have ever worn.  I could easily wear it to bed too! I wore the skirt a few times and put it in the dirty clothes, and now it's missing!!!! It is the softest, most comfortable and most versatile skirt ever in the world, and I can't find it!!!!!! So I've been without my favorite skirt for about a week or so. I know, it's a matter for prayer.

Well, I guess that's all of the random thoughts on this pregnancy that I have for today.  I do have another recipe to post and I want to do a post on my daughter Kellie, with some pictures that Hannah took, but I don't want to scare you by posting twice in one day, so I'll spread those out over this week, as soon as I figure out how to find the pictures Hannah took! Computers......sigh!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

A to Z

I got the idea for this from another gal's blog, and I'm not sure where she got it, but I thought it looked fun, and I wanted to do another post, so here we go!

Available or single?
I've been married for 19 years and 9 months.  Our 20th anniversary is in September.

One of my favorite authors is Jan Karon.  She wrote the Mitford series, with Father Timothy Kavanaugh.  I love these books and have read them several times.  I have most of them in hardback because hardback books are my favorite, preferably first edition.  I also love Ruth Bell Graham.

Cake or pie?
I love cake, gluten free.  I love my own gluten free pumpkin cake, carrot cake, two layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and yes, I'm a cake girl.

Drink of choice?
My favorite drink is an exclusive blended coffee drink from my favorite coffee place. You can't get it anywhere else. It's a triple shot decaf mocha with coconut and caramel. MMMM!!

Essential item?
My red pouch.  It's in my purse and it has all of my essential items in it, like my driver's license and stuff like that, plus my two favorite lip glosses.  Oh, and I seriously miss paper towels when I don't have them!

Favorite color?
I love espresso brown.  Fall colors are also my favorite with a splash of turquoise.

I don't have to be specific on this one.  I live in a mid-sized town in SW Washington State.

My coffee drink.  

Follower of Christ, stay at home mama, wife, homeschool teacher, Pennie snuggler, baby grower, errand runner, grocery shopper. Not much!

Kids and names?
We have 8.5 kids, and their names and pictures are listed on my side bar.

Life is incomplete without......?
My kids and husband.

Music group or singer?
My favorite singer has always been Celine Dion.  The first time I saw her she was on the Arsenio Hall show many, many years ago, and she sang "Where Does My Heart Beat Now", and I'll be honest, I cried because her voice brought goosebumps!! I also like Julie Andrews.  But there are SO many groups and singers I like!! But those are two of my favorites.

Number of siblings?
I have an older brother who is two years older than me whom I have not seen or talked to in more than 7 years.  He lives in Texas.  When I was 18, I found out I had a younger brother who lived in Illinois.  He's 16 months younger and I haven't seen or talked to him in at least 7 years also.

Oranges or apples?
I love oranges.  I grew up in Southern California and lived there until I was 13, and oranges and peaches and nectarines were abundant and common all year around where I lived.  I love the smell of an orange grove in the twilight.

Phobias or fears?
I don't live with any phobias or fears that consume me.  My worst nightmare used to be one of my children dying, and we've experienced two stillbirths and 4 miscarriages, and we've gotten through it, and it's no longer my biggest fear.  I don't really have any big fears that plague me.

"To love another person is to see the face of God" from Les Miserables, The Epilogue. This keeps echoing in my head lately.  I think that when you truly love, God walks into the room and inhabits the regions of your heart.  And when you give birth to a little life, God is there.

Easy! Hands down, my favorite season is Autumn.  The leaves, the tang in the air, the woodsmoke, the chill, the first glittering frosts.....

I'm probably going to offend a lot of people here, but I think that MOST tattoos are hideous and I always think about what those tattoos are going to look like when the person is 70 and old and wrinkled. I DO NOT hate people with tattoos!!!!!  I will never get a tattoo.  However, I do think that people who are tattoo artists are very good artists and are misplacing their talent.  I guess I have the opinion that my body is the temple of God, as the Bible says, and I wouldn't want to walk into His temple and start writing on the walls and drawing pictures on the walls.  That said, my voice teacher has a couple of very, very tiny black tattoos, mostly Asian characters.  They're not offensive.  Still, I'd never do it.  My husband delivers to a guy who has every single square inch of his skin, including his scalp, covered with tattoos.  It is gross.  I'll get off this soapbox now!

Unknown fact?
I had heart surgery when I was 2 years old.  I had Patent Ductus Arteriosis, which is a valve in your heart that won't close.  I also had herniated ovaries repaired.  The doctors didn't think I'd ever be able to have children.  HA! My surgery was done by Dr Savage, who was a famous pediatric surgeon in Seattle. I have an 8 inch scar under my left shoulder blade to remind me.

Veggies that I love?
Really, there are too many to name all of them...... tomatoes, celery, cucumbers, broccoli, cabbage, every kind of lettuce.....avocados.....I'm a veggie girl, and it comes from growing up in Southern CA, having every veggie always available really fresh.

Worst habit?
My very worst habit and most revolting personality trait is laziness.

Way too many to count!

I'm a Cancer, and so is my husband, but this means absolutely nothing to me.  It's stupid but I needed to answer the question.

That was fun!! Now I'll look forward to reading this on your blog.....Tag, you're it!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Okay, here's the first Baby Update!!

You know, the thing that I keep thinking about is that I was peaceful yesterday.  That's what I keep thinking about.  It's what amazes me so far, that through this whole pregnancy, I've had so much peace.  I've had a settled, peaceful heart.  My mind has been peaceful.  My thoughts have been peaceful.  I'm just overwhelmed by peacefulness.

Now let me say that this peace is incredibly unlike me.  Every pregnancy that I've had for the past 9 years has been fraught with anxiety, fear, terror, nightmares, tears, and a general, overall feeling of unrest.  Pregnancy for the past 9 years has not been fun for me as it ought to be.  So this unexpected peace just hits me every day as so welcome!

So, let's get on to the the reason why you're reading this post, shall we?? I promise I'm not trying to stall or draw it out or make you crazy, I just can't stop marveling at the blanket of peace that has settled over me!

On this first visit to my midwife, I wasn't sure exactly how long it would take me to get there, so I left the house with enough of a time cushion in case I got lost.  I didn't want to be rushed and frantic! 

I also gave in to my weakness and got my favorite coffee drink on the way!!

My midwife lives about 45 minutes away, and I borrowed my father-in-law's wife's car, because our van is still broken down.  I took my daughter Samantha, who is 14, with me. I  had asked her to come with me earlier in the month, but then I started to have second thoughts in case there was something wrong.  So, I asked her if she still wanted to come, even in the event of bad news, and she said yes.  We set out and I was STILL not nervous!!!

It turns out that we got there a HALF HOUR early!!! I misjudged how long it would take and how much time I'd need to get there!! We sat down in her waiting room and I fully expected to get hit with a wave of terror and anxiety.....but I never did!

The midwife has a great fish tank full of huge gold fish and she has an extensive book collection, so we sat and watched the fish and gazed at all of the books and listened to the relaxing music playing on the sound system.

Finally, she called us back.

The peace did NOT let up!

I laid down on the bed and she asked me a couple of questions while she got the gel ready.  She didn't make me wait for the ultrasound.  She knew my history and she probably thought I was freaking out.  So I laid down and she gooped the gel on my tummy and placed the wand on me.

And I saw the most wonderful miracle in the world right away, on that screen.

Our baby!

Our baby was waving and kicking and squirming around in there like there was party music playing! The midwife was exclaiming at how good Baby looked and how much we could see, even being only 2.5 months along.

She said that the fact that Baby was squirming that way meant that there was nothing wrong with the spine.  

We could see tiny fingers and little teenie feet, even though her ultrasound machine must be at least 20 years old or more.  I was definitely not expecting to see as much as we did!

She said the placenta looked amazing and healthy for this stage in the game.  She said she likes to see what looks like a layer cake, with the placenta, the fluid and the baby, and she likes to see 1/3 of each.  The ratio of placenta/fluid/Baby in my tummy was more than perfect.  It astonished her! She let us look for as long as we wanted, and she really loved looking at Baby too!

Then we took the doppler and began to listen for the heartbeat.  Since Baby was dancing around in there so much, we could only hear the heartbeat for a couple of seconds before we would lose it, and then we'd find it again, then we'd lose it, and this was how it went for about a half hour.  The doppler told us that Baby's heart rate was 143, even though we couldn't hear it for more than a couple of seconds.  She said that was perfect and she wasn't worried that we didn't hear it constantly.  She had seen the heart on the ultrasound and she saw Baby partying in there, so she was totally certain everything was awesome.

Listen, I'm not sure I can explain what that whole experience did for me.  First of all, the midwife was incredibly compassionate and very, very understanding.  She was calm, confident, peaceful, and very, very kind.  There was nothing clinical or abrupt about her. I saw her treat each one of her patients like good friends.  She was so happy that things looked so good in there and that made my day.  

While we were looking at Baby on the ultrasound, Baby was just rockin' away, and I mentioned that I had felt my second baby, Hannah, move at 13 weeks.  She said that with this Baby moving so much and so strongly, Baby would kick the fluid and the fluid would do the ripple effect that happens when you throw a pebble into a pond, and with the good amount of fluid I have, it would bang the side of my uterus, and I ought to be feeling movement already!!!!! Hmmm, so those ripples I've been feeling weren't just huge muscle spasms! Amazing. And sometimes I feel tiny pokes and vibrations.  


My blood pressure is perfect.  My weight, eh, not so much, but she said it isn't important how much I weigh right now, what's important is trying not to gain too much weight, since I'm officially overweight for my body frame at the start of this pregnancy.


Upon seeing our baby, this light, airy bubble inflated under my feet and let me tell you, I was ecstatic.  I almost burst into tears.  I praised God out loud.  I lifted my hands right there, right on the bed, in that room.  I told God how grateful I am and how good He is.  I thanked Him for this baby.  

She has these awesome butterflies hanging from the ceiling above the bed, and they're different sizes, but they look like fairy wing butterflies, and I felt like one of those ethereal butterflies as I lay there!

Sigh.  Yes, there has been a lot of dreamy sighing from me!!

I think I floated home.

I feel as though I've been given the go-ahead to officially start planning for this baby.  I feel as though it's just okay now. It was like an early birthday present to get to see our baby.

And the peace? It never left.  It still flows.  I'm engulfed, enveloped, surrounded.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it's because of all of your prayers for me and Baby this whole time.  I know that, as the Bible says, whenever two or more come together in agreement, He is there in the middle of them.  Now, we may not all be holding hands in the same room and looking at each other, but I feel that we're together in our hearts, in our spirits.

That is the most important thing to me! Your prayers, and the strength that flows over me because of them, is priceless and immeasurable and I cherish them deeply!!!!!!!

Another awesome thing is that my dearest friend, who lives south of me, is also pregnant after such heartache and struggle.  She's much further along then I am, and she also went to her midwife yesterday and her baby boy is looking fantastic and she was given the green light to be able to give birth safely in just two weeks!!!!!! That was just another piece of joy for my heart!

So, it looks like we're going to get to hold and snuggle and kiss on our baby come Christmas time!!! 

And I couldn't be more ecstatic and peaceful!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


My first midwife appointment is coming up on Wednesday at 12:30 PM.

I'll get blood work done, plus we'll do an ultrasound and listen for Baby's heartbeat.

The closer it gets, the more nervous I become!!!!

I want there to be a cozy little baby in there.  I want to see Baby wiggling and waving in there.  I want to hear Baby's heartbeat loud and clear and strong! 

Please, if you remember, please pray for me.  I think Baby is healthy and thriving, based on the way I feel, which is pretty icky.  I know that you gals out there are praying gals, and so, I ask you to pray.  I gain a lot of comfort from knowing that my friends are praying for me, and for Baby too.

We even have a girl name and a boy name picked out!!!

I love this baby.