Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Shoes and socks

Ladies, let's talk.

I commented, in my "20 random facts" post a couple of days ago, that I only owned one pair of socks. What??!!

It's true. One lonely pair of socks, and they are black and gray, warm and cozy, and getting old and worn in the heels.

You might wonder, do I wear socks? Do my feel get cold? What do I wear around the house? How come I only own one pair of socks ?

Okay, one question at a time! I'll answer them all....

Well, the first question is kind of a no-brainer: Since I only own one pair of socks, it's a bit difficult to wear socks every day. That one pair would be in the wash so much they'd become lint!

Yes, my poor feet live in a perpetual state of freezing-ness! My feet are always like ice cubes with grape popsicles for toes. So, if my feet are always so cold, WHY don't I get more socks?? I'll get to that in a minute....

I wear bare feet around the house, because my slippers are too slippery for my kitchen floor, which is where I spend the lion's share of my time (when I'm not on the computer. ahem.) Even with no-skid soles, they are dreadfully slippery on our green and white marble tiled kitchen floor. That's why they're called slip-ers!

Why do I only own one pair of socks?

Well, you see, I am severely challenged and behind the times when it comes to attire for my feet!

I own 3 pairs of dress boots and one pair of tennis shoes.

Now, boots are fine during the fall/winter/early spring, but let me tell you, they can get old. If it's the only shoes you have, you wear them without complaint......

Because when you ask your husband if you can buy a few pairs of shoes and he asks how much you want to spend, and when you tell him, he has a heart attack and unequivocally says, "NO WAY!", that kind of takes the wind out of your sails, you know what I mean??

But sometimes a girl has to take matters into her own hands, ladies. Sometimes it's easier to ask forgiveness from hubbie than to ask permission!

So I went down to my local Payless and tried on endless pairs of shoes. You'll feel sorry for me when I tell you I went in my boots, on a 65 degree day, unbeknownst to hubbie!

I settled on two pairs, one was brown, one was black. Very chary of me, wouldn't you say??

I wore each pair for an hour and decided right off that the brown pair had to go back. Right away.

But the black pair I fell in love with! They're Champion brand, kind of a Skechers-look-alike-for-$30-less, and they're the most adorable strappy Mary Janes, sort of a cross between a dress shoe and a tennis shoe.

So back to the original reason I started this sauntering post.....now you see why I don't own socks. I don't need them for one pair of shoes! I really do like socks, but if asking hubbie for shoe money is akin to just calling the ambulance right off when I tell him how much I need, then I am......NOT.....asking for sock money!

You really must see my shoes, they are sooooo cute, and I know you're so proud of me for updating my sadly-lacking shoe wardrobe! I would post a picture to go with this post, but would you believe it?

I don't have a camera!!!!!!!


duckygirl said...

I'm still all confused....even with one pair of shoes or no shoes...socks are a necessity! Especially if you are in your kitchen a lot and the floor is marble....should I call Dave? :P

And what's with guessing the 10th? That's 5 days late...what are you trying to do to me????


Gayle said...

2 words: Flip-Flops.
These will solve all your problems.
They're cheap, cute and they keep your feet off the marble floor.

EEEEMommy said...

Do I need to send you a socks care package?

Tracy said...

That's what I was thinking FLIP-FLOPS! No socks required! I love my Crocs too!