Tuesday, February 28, 2012



Pennie is now one.  She turned one on February 20th.

**Small tears**

She really, really is such a sweet baby.  She is intensely loved by everyone in our home and we all just can't get enough of her!

Here's an update on what she's doing lately:

She still sleeps in our room, in her crib.  This week she started sleeping from about 10:30 PM to 5:30 AM, and I'm praising God for that! Truly.  I mean it! Of course, she wants to rock-and-roll before the sun is up, so I feed her and then hold her in our bed till she falls asleep again, and sometimes Daddy holds her too, just because he's like that and just because he knows I need sleep!! With sleeping that long at night, she no longer takes two naps during the day.  As long as she's still cheerful, the trade-off of her sleeping through the night is more than enough for me!

She weighs about 22 lbs.  She wears size 4 diapers and size 12-18 mth clothes, mainly dresses with leggings and swing tops with leggings. 

She stands up by herself.  She crawls fast, and everywhere! She can find me anywhere.  She doesn't seem to want to walk at all and when she is standing, she curls her toes in and looks down at her feet as if she hasn't any idea how they got there! I'm not worried about her walking.  She'll do it when she's ready.

She is such a lover! She kisses and hugs and snuggles and touches and plays with our hair.  She is a minister!

She likes to eat! She nurses still, about every 3 hours or so, sometimes not so much if she's busy.  She LOVES cucumbers and cheese and apples....she HATES avocadoes and is just starting to like bananas again.  She isn't really fond of mashed potatoes but likes roasted potatoes.

She still hasn't got tons of hair, but that's okay!

She's got at least 8 teeth....and it's been a bear for her to teethe! I think she's getting her molars....

When I ask her where each one of her sisters are by name, she'll look at them! She's so so smart!

She doesn't like headbands.  And I have to put socks on her with soft shoes, which I just don't happen to have, and we bought her some cute socks for her birthday but they've gone! Disappeared. Yuck.

She says "Ma-ma-ma-ma" all the time.  She can shake her head and looks hilarious when she tries to nod!

Anyways, that's an update on our dearly loved Pennie.  She is all and everything to us and we are so glad God allowed her to grace our home with her presence!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Hey there.

Yes, it has been almost a month since I've blogged!!!

It isn't for lack of good ideas for posts.  I'll think of something I want to post and then I'll think, does everyone need to hear that? Is it dumb? Are you totally freaky? So you see, Myself and I talk about things and well, Myself wins out a lot! But today I won the arguement and I'm posting whatever I want! Sometimes I ought to tell Myself to just hush up.

I think I'll give you a glimpse of what's going on in my house right at the moment.

Currently my Newly Minted Three Year Old (Lulu) is running up and down the hallway, and on the way down and back she is slapping me five! She is seriously the CUTEST Three Year Old I have ever seen in all of my born days.  I know you all think YOUR Three Year Olds are cute, but uh-uh, mine is! Oh, and I forgot to mention, she's running with a pencil! Please, call the authorities, will ya??

My Son just made the most fabulous broiled hamburgers in all of the known universe.  Seriously.  They rival Red Robin for taste, which happens to be my favorite burger restaurant, though since it's about an hour away from us I don't go there often.  Thank God? Or Bummer? Ask my Big Ol' Back End! Seriously YUMMY! We use our own beef and a Secret Recipe. Yes, you can have the recipe.  Just send your payment for$250,000 to my Paypal account!

We make our own Heinz 57 sauce.  We call it *Ourlastname* 68.  No, I'm not going to tell you our last name.  Weirdos out there an all.....but I will tell you that it tasted famous on those yummy burgers!!

My house is tidy. I give all the thanks today to kids who did their jobs well and blessed my eyelashes off!

Everyone is gathering in the living room for a mid-afternoon round of Wii.  Love the Wii because they can play together.  I played for the first time the other night.  Gals, let me tell you that if those situations were real life, we'd all be dead! Or seriously injured with amnesia and broken appendages. But it sure was fun. Now all of the kids always want to play with me!

We currently have all of the windows open because during the broiling of the aforementioned Yummy Burgers, they got a little charred and our smoke alarm proceeded to make itself heard.  So now we're airing out the smoke. But most of the Yummy Burgers were cooked to perfection.

I actually love our living room without furniture of any sort! Yes, that's right, we do not own a single stick of furniture besides the Coffee Table That Has Seen Better Days and some mismatched bookcases.  We have a TV cabinet which houses our 30 Year Old TV and our DVD's and movies.  We also have a piano that hasn't been tuned since the last plague came down in Egypt.  But we have tons of room in our tiny living room for kids to dance and twirl and slide around in their socks!

My baby is drawing me like a magnet! She crawled up to me just a minute ago and pulled herself up on my leg and just looked up at me and cried for me to pick her up.  We're tight, she and I.  I just rubbed my lips on her soft head and mauled her face with kisses.  She eats it up.  She can find me literally anywhere I am in the house now.  And she does.  I could eat a regular serving of Pennie every day with a spoon!!

My son is playing the Lego Star Wars game on the Wii, which is actually pretty funny.  Two of his very favorite things, Lego and Star Wars, in one!

One of the funniest things I've ever seen is my Sofia, who is just this side of 6, play the Wii.  That girl has a healthy self-esteem and she is just about the most hilarious Wii player! She doesn't care if she wins or loses.  She just wants to be Big Stuff like her older sisters.  Oh, I love that girl!

I love this time in the day when we all are together and having good, quality time together and waiting for Daddy to get home from work.  I seriously think my kids are the bee's knees!