Saturday, April 19, 2008

An ammendment to my earlier post!

I read the comments on my last post, and I got to feeling like I had alienated or perhaps, ahem, offended people, and my little heart is sad within me at that thought!

The last, I mean, the very last, thing in the world I would want to do is offend anyone!

When I wrote the post about my dear son, I described him in all his glory, yes, but I hope I didn't hurt anyone out there who reads my blog who has real boys! It wasn't my aim.

I have seen other boys with their 4-wheelers and their stuff-and-such-the-like, and if my boy was like that, I know I'd have a heart attack!

I'm such a freaker!

If I were to find a tarantula in our home, I'd run howling from the house!

If I had to go out on a hunt with my man and my boy, I just couldn't do it! Don't get me wrong, I'm not against hunting, I'm just glad I don't have to do it!!! I love my warm bed at the crack of dawn!

I do thank God for bringing me a boy like Russell, because God knew what I needed and what I could handle. He knew just the special little gift to give me, and it was packaged in a different way than most boys, but he is all-boy at the same time.

He loves his computer. He plays Zoo Tycoon and Sim City, which are basically building games. He adores these and saved up his hard earned money for literally years so he could get the latest version. He could get lost in those games if we let him!

He loves Legos more than anything, and he still enjoys them even in his teen years. His 4 oldest sisters saved up their money and each of them gave half their earnings to get him two Indiana Jones Lego sets that he'd been looking at and wanting. He was delighted!

I often hear him in his room making all of the bomb-and-explosion, airplane-battles-and-yelling sounds that go with war games too. Poor guy, he's the only boy around here so he has to be his own best friend!

His favorite movies of all time are the Star Wars movies. He insists the music is the best and the effects are second-to-none, and even wishes we could harness the Force!!! He knows all the characters and can tell me the plot of each, as well as a scene-by-scene synopsis of each too!

And he's not above wrestling with his younger almost-brother Conrad, who's 7 but more like a 13 year old than a 7 year old! That kid loves Russell, and the feeling is totally mutual, and Conrad is the most typical boy! He loves to talk airplanes and battles with Russell, and yes, he loves to rope Russell into an occasional wrestling match when he comes over.

I thank my Father for Russell.......but I'm so glad he's mellow!! lol!!!! I guess I'm scared of what I look at as "real boys". I don't understand them, can't keep up with them, and don't get the whole testosterone thing either! At least not yet...

So if I hurt anyone or sounded like I was anti-boy, please forgive me! I love all of my real-life friends' boys and love it when they come to play.....

And after all, pity me, because I've so far got 5 girls! I've got enough developing estrogen in this house to replace the water in the Pacific Ocean!! And they aren't even teens yet!!

I wonder if Stayfree or Always sells their stock on the stock market, I mean, in about 5 years I will own their company outright anyway, so why not invest??!! lol!!!

Think of the weddings! Think of the fugues! Think of the hair in the drain in the shower, because they all have long, thick hair that women pay oodles of money to have! Think of me when it comes time for courtship, or rather, pray for my dear husband!!

So, even though my boy may not be typical, my house is far from calm and collected!

And Emily, I can't believe it, but I don't have any recent pics of Russell, other than the one that is on my blog, and anyway, even if I did, Russell is very, um, shall we say, protective of his self and would probably die of embarrassment if I posted a picture of him on my blog! So sorry!

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Marsha said...

Y'know what? Every child is different-- so don't think you need to defend yourself or Russell! I am SO thankful that God gave us all types of boys (and girls!)-- or the world would be a super boring place.

Love ya,