Friday, April 25, 2008

Do I?

I found this poem in my binder this week. I want to post it mainly for posterity, but also because this is my prayer for my life. I hope you like it!

Do I use my own wings,
or do You carry me?
Do I run,
or do You pull me along?
Do I sing my own tune,
or do You give me the words?
I don't want to be
down looking up
but up looking down.
I want to be in the lead
looking ahead!
So carry me
while I use my own wings.
Let me run
while You pull me along.
Let my heart sing the song
as You give me the words.
Let me be up on the heights
looking down.
And the last shall be first,
and the first shall be last,
Let me fly
and run
and serve.

These words copyright leeswords*2005. Please do not copy these words without express permission from the author. If you like it, ask to print or post it, but please don't steal!

1 comment:

Peggy said...

Sorry to hear about your brokeness and loss, though 4 years ago, very fresh with your recent ones...I read your message at Bring The Rain and I just wanted to let you know, though not famous yet...your poem should be put to music so it can touch many like I will Carry You! It is very Precious, also. May the Holy Spirit comfort you in your grief and may Our Lord wrap His arms around you! I loved it when you told Angie that yours and hers are dancing or running around in Paradise. What great JOY it is to know, we can release our loved ones into an eternity that one day we will share with them in His Presence! Thank you for sahring your heart! Peggy