Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Corny Questions

I'm back!!

And I'm back with something so utterly silly and UN-important as these silly questions that I've answered, after I've seen this same meme on my friends' blogs....

I got a wild hair, okay?

I had to answer them!

Here goes, and I apologize for the lack of pictures...allllllll of our pictures are on Husband's Big Computer, and he's on it right now....


What color are my socks? I'm not wearing any.

What am I listening to right now? Husband giving Samantha a flute lesson and Hannah feeding oatmeal to Lucie...bliss, I tell ya!

Last thing I ate? A delightful corn quesadilla with colby jack cheese and Green Tabasco ranch.  And a bit of apple oatmeal.

Do I know how to drive a stick? Um, no.  Does anyone anymore??

Last person I spoke to on the phone: Husband, earlier in the day, on his way home from work.  He has a bit of a commute.

How old am I today? I'm 37 and three days! Yep, I turned 37 three days ago!

What is my favorite sport to watch on TV? Ice Skating, long program, or Gymnastics.

Favorite drink?? 20 oz vanilla or kona mocha Big Train with 5 pumps of coconut and 2 shots of decaf, caramel on the cup!!

Have I ever dyed my hair? Yes.  I dyed my hair for many years, until my then-5 year old Samantha said she didn't like me to dye it, so I have not dyed my hair since then.  It is naturally very, very dark.

Favorite food? Mexican.  Or Greek.

What was the last movie I watched? Gaither Atlanta Homecoming DVD.  Does that count as a movie??

What is my favorite day of the year? My fave day is Thanksgiving.

How do I vent my anger? Talk really, REALLY loud.  Slam things around.  Even throwing things.  Be really sarcastic. All right in front of my kids. Then cry afterwards from shame and guilt.  And ask forgiveness from them.  I'm NOT proud of this! Only starkly honest.  I'm not perfect, and God's grace covers over a lot of ME.

What was my favorite toy as a child? Easy one! My Barbies.  I had tons and tons of stuff.  I spent hours and hours by myself playing Barbies.  Barbie and Ken were always in bed together.  Their pillows were maxi pads! Ugh, I hate Barbies now!!! Haughty eyes, trashy clothes.......

What is my favorite season? Hands down, my fave season is Autumn!

When was the last time I cried? Yesterday.  And a tiny bit today.

Cherries or Blueberries? Strawberries!!!!

What is my living situation?  Queer question! In a house with my family!!

What is on the floor of my closet? My shoes are there, plus, I think Dave's big ol' winter parka for work is down there.

What am I most afraid of? I will always be most afraid of my babies dying.  I've been through this but it will never be easier.

Plain, cheese, or spicy burgers? I love my burgers! Red Robin is my fave burger joint, and I like my burgers gooey, with alllll the fixin's.  And no bun.

What is my favorite dog breed? None.  I'm not a fan of dogs at all, even though we have a Blue Heeler and a Black Lab.

What is my favorite day of the week? Sunday, because Husband is off work and gets to stay home alllll day, and the day stretches, on and on, like a smooth, bright golden late summer day.

What is my favorite flower?? Sunflowers.  And black eyed Susans.  And marigolds.

The last question was if I had had the H1N1 vaccine, which I think I will not answer!

I guess you know all there is to know about me now!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Creation's Celebration

Lord, the earth shouts Your Name~
In perfect chorus,
in ageless tune,
in sublime harmony!

raising baritone voices
and bold bass notes~

Fields of flowers
declaring You~
in sweet, soprano song.

Waters, streams, rivers
weaving tireless tenor lines~

Mountains trumpet
to exalt You
with eternal glorious cadence~

And waves
crash cymbals of joy
over it all.

Creation looks to You
changeless Conductor and Concertmaster~

Oh, may my voice
ever be a part of this constant,