Sunday, October 3, 2010

Open House

Okay, I've seen these open house posts on some of my bloggy friends' blogs, and in an effort to see if I can think of anything else right now than The Babies, I'm going to post my own open house!!

I'm skirt, black long sleeved shirt and my trusty apron!

I'm listening to..........Daddy listening to the score from Lonesome Dove as he sorts through files on his computer, and Kellie and Sara playing Sweet Streets houses with Polly Pockets, Lincoln Logs, and Duplo people! Sofia's playing too, and it's a riot!

I'm looking forward to......... a Gaither Homecoming concert in two weeks, and Jan Karon's new book coming out this month! YAY! So excited!!

I'm smelling........two kinds of chicken cooking in the kitchen: Buttery Lemon Dill Chicken in the oven and Cranberry Mustard Chicken in the crock pot for tomorrow.  Mmmmmm!

Outside my is overcast and thankfully, not hot and not humid either! We've had a spate of the most humid days I've ever seen since moving to Washington almost 25 years ago!

I'm reading.........Nothing of note right now, but I just finished Jan Karon's Mitford Bedside Companion.

I'm creating.........nothing right now!

I'm praying for.......My dad's friend of more than 50 years who was seriously injured a few weeks ago, my mom's coffee stand to sell, and most importantly, all of the couples we know very personally whose marriages are failing or rocky.  Do you know anyone whose marriage is failing? Pray for them!!  And is your marriage rocky? Don't let it be! Build up your house with your hands!!

I'm thankful for.......God's love.  His mercy.  His favor.  Period.

Now it's your turn!!


Emily said...

creating? HELLO....TWO babies. :)

Duckygirl said...

Emily stole my thoughts! :) You are most definitely creating!!


Renata said...

Loved this post Leanne. I agree with the other 2 comments - that's definitely an achievement!
Have a great day & look after yourself

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...


I am just tearing up right now. What a double blessing for you, my dear sister. God is SO good, isn't He?
I'm just so happy for you that I can't even see straight!

Michelle said...

Mine too Emily and Laura!! I guess great minds think alike.

Karen said...

Oh...the above comments are making me are busy 'creating' twins=)!