Monday, October 25, 2010


Hey there, everyone! I'm back, after an extremely exhausting day!!! I JUST got home!

Here's the news: Pennie is looking absolutely wonderful.  She has a good looking brain.  Her cord is 3-artery, which is very important.  Her bladder is working and looks normal.  Her tummy is looking good.  She was a real jumping bean! She moved and kicked and turned allll throughout the scan.  My fluid levels are great.  The doctor actually said that pre-term labor is almost not a possibility! He expects her to actually be normal sized.  That means she'll probably be at least 8 lbs.  Most of my babies are around at least 8 lbs.  She's actually measuring bigger for her age! Doctor fully expects her to be born perfectly healthy.

I'm learning to be joyful about Pennie.  Don't get me wrong!!! I LOVE HER!!! I ADORE HER......but it's a unique place I'm in right now, between grief and joy.  I really want joy to win! After all, as I've said before, all is not lost!

I really want to labor and deliver at my hometown hospital! Realllly bad! Because everything, and every one, is so familiar to me.  I know all of the nurses.  I recognize the rooms.  My dear doctor is there.  I dearly want this to happen! I crave familiarity.  To me, familiarity is comfort.  And I desire comfort right now.

So, that's another prayer request! I hope you all aren't getting tired of me shooting prayer requests your way.

On another note: I'm glad you guys liked Emily's photos.  I'm sure going to have a hard time picking out one for my wall.  I know I'm getting a big one, a canvas.  But which one to choose?? That's the question.  Those of you who read Emily's blog ought to leave her a comment telling her how much you like the pics.  And if you don't read her blog, DO!!

Okay, time to be with my Husband and kids, who missed me very much today, as I missed them!

Take care! MWAH!


My Little Warriors said...

Praise the Lord that Pennie is active and growing healthy and strong! I hope that you are able to have her locally also so then i won't have to travel so far to come visit! :)

Susan said...

This is all wonderful news. Except the fact that you are worn out. I say let Joy win that is what your Father wants for you too. Joy because Olivia is in a better place and Joy because Pennie is doing so well. Both are reasons to choose Joy.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Coco and I were talking about how we love the names you choose. Pennie. Olivia. LOVE them both! I never would've thought of Pennie, but I sure do like that name.

Praising God for a good ultrasound report. Keep fighting for JOY. Choose it, look for it, find it every single day.

Love you bunches! MWAH!

Rebeca said...

So glad to hear the news!

Karen said...

So glad for this report...
Your pregnancy photo pictures are stunning. I love the ones by the water!

Duckygirl said...

Great news!! :)