Saturday, October 23, 2010

Memory Necklace

I've wanted a special piece of jewelry to wear every day, sacred to the memory of Janie.  I've been searching for about 5 years now.  I've searched everywhere, in every price range.

Now, I want to add Olivia too.

I really want a necklace with charms on it.

I've been looking at, and  I also looked at Julie the Fish online, but I couldn't get the link to work.

I want two charms, dime sized, and a bit beat up, with a pearl too.  Only I can't decide! I can't decide if I want two flowers, two hearts, two circles....and I don't know if the money is there to do this thing.

That's really the thing that has held me back so far.

We're trying to purchase a 15 seater van for cash, instead of going into debt for it.  We dearly need a vehicle like that.  Right now, we can't go anywhere together unless we borrow some friends' van, and we have to drive with Lucie's car seat in between the front seats in that van.  After we found out we were having twins, the van became the priority.

So, we're trying to hold off on all other purchases until we save up the $7000.00 we need for the van.

I was thinking about trying to sell some stuff on eBay to get the money for this elusive necklace that I crave.  I know people do that to make money.  I think it's a good idea and a good way for moms to make extra money while staying home.

The ultrasound tech who does my ultrasounds at my peri's clinic, Kyrsten, wears a necklace like that.  It's silver, on a short chain, really small charm, with her initial on it.  I always look at it when I'm on the table.  It's really simple and pretty.

I guess this has been on my mind for quite a few months now.  I looked at a company that does footprints and handprints on charms.  You send them the footprints of your baby and they shrink the print down and somehow put it on a charm.  That was really spendy and I wouldn't trust Janie's footprints to just anyone!

I want to just go online to one of the sites I linked to, choose a necklace, and buy it right NOW, even without my husband's okay!

I'm just musing here, people.  Just opening up my mind and letting you see what's swirling around in there.

I have another necklace that I love.  It's silver, long, and has a large heart and a small heart and a couple of other charms on it.  I got it at the shoe store.  I never buy jewelry! But this necklace caught my eye.  We were trying to get pregnant again after Lucie and we just weren't and this necklace just had to be mine.  I wore it the day I saw our baby (babies) for the first time at 7 weeks.  I wore it when I heard a heartbeat for the first time.  I wore it in my photo shoot with Emily.  It's special to me.....

But I want a smaller necklace to wear every day.  With initials of Janie (JRG) and Olivia (OCG).

Okay, so I'll keep you updated on the progress of getting this necklace and show pictures if I do get it.


PS: The day after tomorrow I will have another ultrasound.  This is an anatomical study on Pennie.  It will tell us how healthy she is and how she's growing, and if she's having any issues from losing Olivia. I'm trying not to think about it.  I'm not as excited for this ultrasound as I was with the others.  I'm trying not to be nervous.  So far, she has looked very healthy, but so did Olivia.......PRAY FOR ME AND PENNIE!!!


Leingang Family said...

Praying for you and for Pennie! Praying that you would feel God holding you both in His arms!

Anonymous said...

Check your email.
Go shopping.


Kathryn said...

I got one a year ago with ALL my kids' birthstones and names on it. I had wanted one like that for a long time. Andy bought me a ring with Madison's birthstone in it (on her second birthday) that I wear alot. A couple weeks ago I bought a necklace from my friend Kelly's etsy shop. It seems that God put it there just for me. It appeared on her site right on Madison's birthday, and it was a lovely gold circle with a large peridot in the middle of it...just what I had in mind. She was having a sale/discount that month, and I was able to get the necklace...just remembered I never posted it on my blog.

When you find the exact piece you want, it will feel like you wear their memory close to your heart. That's what I feel like with my new necklace.

I can't wait to see what you pick out! I love you!

We're praying for you and Pennie with ALL OF OUR HEARTS!

My Little Warriors said...

You know my prayers and I still believe in restoration and I will continue to pray the same. God allows things that i can't even begin to understand but I hold on to the hope that He is good and loving and He has a purpose.
Today as i was driving home i was thinking about Janie and Olivia. I was thinking about how Janie and Olivia are sitting in the arms of Jesus together as sisters waiting for the day when they can be with the rest of thier family... until then they have eachother.
Love you friend and I am here for you!