Thursday, September 30, 2010

Babies Bump?

So here's the long awaited picture of my Babies, errrr....ummmm....well, bump doesn't even do it justice!! It's a mountain!! It's a large mound! It's a hill!!!

And you all know how I was so freaked out about how big my tummy was?? Well....

Suddenly I'm proud of my big belly.  Isn't that crazy?? I guess I now have Two Precious Excuses to have a huge belly!!

Hannah took this picture on Tuesday, after my ultrasound.  She took a few before I liked any, because even though I am proud of my tummy, that doesn't mean I'm proud of ME! Ha.

Without further ado, I give you.....

The Babies @ 18 weeks

How do you like that?? That is one big bump! And now I KNOW why it's so big!!

I'll post another picture in about two weeks, at my 20 week (5 month) check up.  By my specialist's calculations, I'm 18 weeks, but by the Lilypie twins ticker I wanted to put up on my sidebar that was cut off, I'm 18 wks and 2 days.

Lucie Beans @ 20 months
And because this is my blog and I can pretty much do anything I want, I'll leave you with two more pictures that just make me want to chew on some Lu-lu:

Sara said, "Smile, Lu-lu!"


Renata said...

Leanne - you are beautiful- even without your adorable baby bump!
I love pregnant tummies - they are so cute!
It's amazing how much bigger you are with twins. I remember at 8 weeks thinking "I'm growing out of my clothes yet I've been so sick" - at 12 weeks I was into maternity clothes (which I wasn't in until 20 weeks with the others)
Have a wonderful day & thanks for the lovely picture!

CFLighthouse said...

Hey! There's Meg holding lu, and I think I took that picture! hehe
So cool! I'm excited for you guys!

CFLighthouse said...

ahem. Stephanie.

Devin said...

Leanne, call me crazy--but I was expecting bigger! I don't think you are that giant AT ALL. I don't know if it was your ranting :) about being so big or what, but I was expecting giant and I don't think you are giant at all! Especially for twins--you look GREAT!

Wear that bump--er, mountain, as you say--with PRIDE, my friend! You look awesome!

Karen said...

I step away from the computer for a few days and look what I miss! Twins!!! Girls!!! Joy, joy, joy!!!

I am so thrilled for you and can't wait to keep up. This will teach me that I shouldn't not check my computer every day;)!

Prayers and blessings for you-- my dear sweet mommy of twins!

My Little Warriors said...


Duckygirl said...

Pictures!!! I'm so happy to see your face and babies bump! ;)



Kathryn said...

You look simply ADORABLE

Susan said...

Leanne, I think you look great. So excited to watch these twins grow. What a blessing.

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

whoa girl, that IS a bump! no wonder you said you were getting big! hahahaha it sure is a blessing to know WHY now, isn't it?

your luciepie is adorable! she has the bestest grin!

Rebeca said...

Congrats!!! How very exciting for you... hope things continue to go well with you and The Babies!

runningtothecross said...

Leanne... you're kidding me right??? TWINS??? WOW! When God blesses, He blesses in a BIG WAY!!! Congrats! Just checking in on friends today, and thought I would stop over and see you!

I guess we need to get back to regular emails to stay-in-touch! Anyhow, Congrats!!!

So happy that God has chosen you to be the mother of twins!!! You will pass me up with these two! I only have 8 and I'm not pregnant!

Again, congrats!!!

Blessings dear friend!