Thursday, June 5, 2008

What's Happening Here

Wow, I guess it's been about 6 days since my last post!! And that's not like me at all!!

It's not because I haven't had anything to say....quiet the contrary...I've been just sifting through the thoughts in my head, wondering what to post first!

Some Funny Things:

Yesterday, our Sofia, who is two, was chasing our Russell, and she caught him and proceeded to give him a good whuppin' on his bum, and while she was doing it, she was shouting "OWIE, OWIE, OWIE!" That gave us all a good laugh! My son later said to me that he didn't realize how much fun she was to play with!!

The kids do something called "Fire One" with Sofia. She stands up on the arm of our sectional and yells "Fi One!" and the person holding her will gently push her down onto the couch, and she'll fall with her legs over her head! It's the funniest, cutest thing to see! We got it on video.

The girls are eating "Princess Sandwiches and Tea" for lunch right now, sitting at the coffee table in the living room, and Sara just piped up with, "If you drink too much Bald Headed Beanstock Tea you will get a headache!" Then she proceeded to place a crumpled up shirt on her head. She said that was her headache! Remember, she's my unique one.....we laughed so hard Hannah almost spit out her tea!

New Books:

I'm a really fast reader, and I love a good book. I just got done reading The Prophet by Frank Peretti....may I say, it was one of the most awesome books I've ever read!! I laughed, I cried, and the Lord spoke to my heart through this work of fiction. Frank Peretti is one good author!

I also recently finished The Shack, reading it on the recommendation of Dave's aunt Jackie, who loaned it to me. I know there's lots of things floating around out there, and I want to give my two cents worth about it to you. To put it plainly, I didn't like it at all. I thought the author seriously amiss by minimizing God's glory by portraying the great I AM as a fat, jolly black woman. God should never, ever be portrayed this way, according to Romans 1:21-23. Frankly, it was just so hard for me to swallow and enjoy that the God Who created the world, Who formed each one of us, Who, by His very breath can make mountains smoke and hills melt like wax, at Whose rebuke the waters flee (Psalm 104), that this powerful God could be reduced to a fat, Aunt Jemima character! The author portrayed Jesus as very cavalier, very nonchalant, and I also had a problem with that too.....I just all around didn't like the book at all.


I'm trying a crock pot Falafel recipe. I can't wait to eat it! I got it from a link on Gayle's blog. I'm excited, because it sounds good, looks good, and meets my dietary requirements perfectly.

After much tasting and mulling, I think I have finally come up with a recipe that is going to be very similar to my favorite soup at one of my favorite local eateries! The soup is called Mushroom Brie Bisque, and it is lush and comforting, and I'm pumped about trying to make my own!

I think I'm going to have a banana dipped in peanut butter and then dipped in chocolate chips today, the next time I'm hungry. Maybe! I'm trying to really watch my sugar intake, since it gives me nasty anxiety attacks.

Well, I guess life is pretty peaceful and lovely here.....tell me, have you read any good books lately, or tried any new recipes, or heard anything funny lately?? Let me know in your comment!


Marsha said...

First, did you read that whole awful book? I don't think I could get very far in something so sacreligious! (did I spell that right? hmmm...)

Second, you HAVE to share that mushroom brie bisque recipe (or whatever it was). I *heart* mushrooms AND brie! Mmmm...

Love ya,

Emily said...

I cooked a WONDERFUL BBQ pork recipe. It sat for....12 hours in the crockpot, than I made homemade bbq sauce and then it sat for another 3 or 4 hours. It was amazing. And cost nothing. Pork roasts are cheap at Winco!

Rebeca said...

I made a recipe last night that was a knock-off of P.F. Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps and it was really yummy. I have no idea how it compares with the "real" ones because I've never eaten there but I'd make it again.
I've had that book recommended to me by a few different people and have thought it sounds pretty out there. I guess I have issues with people writing fiction and theorizing their ideas about God's character. Then people read it and think it's truth. I've felt that way about some of Peretti's books too. That those are just his ideas about how spiritual warfare might work, but may people think that's the way it it. We just don't know for sure. I did read The Prophet a long time ago. That's the one about abortion I think?
As to the weather here.... 52. Cloudy. Burrr.... Personally, though, I'm thankful for the rain at this time of year as it keeps the pollen down! And, since I'm way behind on planting the garden, it won't matter so much since it's so cold anyway!
Bless you!