Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another meme!

Another meme!!

This one is from Ship Full O' Pirates, otherwise known as Mother Hen....forgive me, I can't remember her web address, but you will definitely want to go check her out! She's stinkin' hilarious and practical, fun and down to earth.

Here goes:

2 names I go by:
Honey and Mama. I don't think anyone remembers my real name!

2 things I'm wearing right now:
My house cleaning skirt (rather ratty and linty)
my wedding ring

2 favorite things that happened today:
I got an invitation to a dear friend's baby shower!
my husband came home from work.

2 things I want right now:
for my stomach to stop hurting
to be more motivated

2 favorite pets:
none. I'm *so* not a pet lover!

2 things I did last night:
read some of Treasure Island
took a my usual nightly plethora of pills

2 things I ate last night:
grilled fresh caught salmon
on a bed of organic baby spinach

2 people I last talked to:
My daughter Hannah
My daughter Samantha

2 things I will do tomorrow:
take a shower
get dressed

farthest trip I've taken in the past 5 years:
My husband and I and Sofia went to San Antonio TX in 2006 for the SAICFF.

2 favorite holidays:
Valentine's Day, so I can spoil my husband to the max

2 favorite beverages:
V8 juice
Groovy gorillas

There. Now you know even more things that you never wanted to know about me!!

Tag! You're it!!


Monica said...

Just curious- what's a goofy gorilla?

Duckygirl said...

V8 really?? I picture that more as a drink you resort to when the cupboards are bare rather than a favorite, but I'm weird like that. Anyway- I played along...come see!


Emily said...

I liked your 2 things you were going to do tomorow answer.....those are my two also!

Renata said...

I've also never heard of groovy gorillas - what are they? I'm a honey as well, but I get Mum or Mummy over mama!
Hope your tummy stops hurting.
Renata :)

Marsha said...

V8 is a favorite?! Ewwww...

I'm suprised you didn't say the mocha thingy that your daughter makes you... or is that what you call it? LOL

I miss you, Leanne! Why aren't you online when I am? boo hoo