Monday, June 9, 2008


Can I ask you a question??

What is wrong with our society when people can't snap out of their busyness, their me-ness, to wave to a cute two year old baby??

Let me explain.

Saturday my mom and I and my kids all went to a big city to do some things. My mom had some things to take back, and my kids love to go to the big city, to the malls, so we went along for the ride.

We went to a mall there, and Sofia was bopping along in her stroller, waving and saying Hi to everyone she saw. She was absolutely darling, adorable, soooo cute!! I was so happy for her, because some of my other kids were painfully shy at her age.

Can I tell you that not one, NOT ONE person waved to her??

Can I tell you that people actually altered their course to GET AROUND her?????????

My stomach hurts just remembering!

Some even FROWNED AT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

People, let me tell you that I am totally disgusted. And sad.

I feel sorry for those morons who couldn't even take the time out of their precious bubble of me-ness to wave to a cute baby girl, thereby brightening up their day AND hers!

I'm disgusted at what our society has become! I mean, I fully know how people are these days, but it hit home with me in a very glaring way.

I felt sad for Sofia, because perhaps, in her mind, she wondered why nobody was waving back at her. I even feel insulted that they dissed my baby girl like that!!!!!!

It just makes me sick!

I pray to God that I am never too caught up in myself to miss those moments that could transform my day. I hope to Him that I am aware of everyone, even the least of these. I don't want to miss a thing! I want to bless someone, I want to brighten someone's day, I want to be accessible!


Duckygirl said...

I would have waived to her, I'm a sucker for cute kids :) But I do know what you mean about people off in their own little worlds....crazy!


p.s. you could email me.......?

Marsha said...

I need a picture of her waving! So I can wave back!!!

Emily said...

ditto what Marsha said.

heartathome said...

Ohhhh, you can bet if I would have encountered your little Sofia, I would have declared her scrumptious and given her plenty of attention. Its a good reminder to not geto so caught up in my own life that I fail to look around!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am encouraged to teach my children not to be self focused. I am always waving to little ones. I just love their excitement.

Renata said...

I think it would brighten anyones day to wave at a cute little girl!!- they sure are missing out!

Keep on smiling
Renata :)

EEEEMommy said...

I certainly would have waved, in fact, I'm notorious for flirting with babies and toddlers and preschoolers in grocery stores. But in defense of those who don't, you wouldn't believe the looks I've gotten from the parents of those kids that I do wave back at. THEY don't really want me talking to their child. They're afraid I'm a nasty kidnapper or something. They make mean faces at me to scare me away. I think most people find it safer to mind their own business. This was especially true on the East Coast. Very sad.
The Midwest is much different though. Perfect strangers talk all the time. And lots of people would have waved.

Amy said...

I have had similar experiences with my 16 month old...he loves to wave at people and it amazes me how many people look at him and scowl or pretend that he doesn't exist. Sometimes I look at his face when someone doesn't return his excited wave and he looks just heartbroken. It definately breaks my heart.
Maybe they should just wave at each other. haha.