Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Of Laptops and Migraines

I'm back!

I've been largely offline lately, due to a laptop that crashed and had to be sent in to an Apple store. I say "sent in" because the nearest Apple store is over an hour from here. We've had to take the laptop in a couple of times this month, and it's kind of hard doing all that driving, in the midst of my husband's pressing and important projects.

They finally told us that we could send it in, and even sent us a secure box and postage!

I don't know how many of you have Macbooks, but we do and we really like ours. We've had it for almost a year and never had problems with it until now.

I loved the people at the Apple store. If you like computers, just go to one! It's fun! And these people really know their stuff! They call the people who trouble shoot and work on Apple computers "geniuses", and they really are.

So now my laptop is up and running again, and now comes the task of reloading all of my favorites, without getting a migraine!

Incidentally, I've had 5 migraines in the past 2 1/2 months! That's a lot for me. I know that being on the computer for too long can trigger one, as will eggs and lots of fast food, which I hardly ever eat, for just that reason (waaah!). I woke up this morning at 5:30 with a shimmery halo in one of my eyes......I'm doing better now, it's tomorrow that's going to be a kicker. I always get the after pain the day after my migraine.

Another weird thing I get is that I used to go numb on the left side of my body at the onset of a migraine. The first time I had a migraine I was heading out on a date with Dave and suddenly, my body started going numb! We had just dropped Russell off (he was 6 months old) and we got so freaked out we headed straight to the Emergency room. I thought I was having a stroke at the tender age of 22! They told me I was having a panic attack/migraine headache and gave me some meds and sent me home.

Since then I usually get about one migraine a year.

This morning I was able to fall back to sleep after my wonderful husband loaded me up with all the drugs I take in the event of a migraine. When I awoke at 6:15, I noticed my mouth, the left side of my face, and my ring and pinkie fingers on my right hand were numb.

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining. I'm not. I know lots of you out there get migraines, like Cindy. I've actually found a few things and tricks that lessen the duration of the headache. So I wanted to let you know what I do as soon as I get that visual warning:

  • I take 500 mgs of Tylenol immediately. Early in my migraine history, I used to have to take 1000 mgs. Now, 500 mgs works.
  • I take 225 mgs of magnesium and a calcium capsule.
  • I have one of my family make me a double bag of chamomile tea.
  • I go into my room and darken it and lay down.
  • I have some other calming meds that I have been taking for more than 5 years, to help my brain remain calm. I take 500 mgs of GABA at the onset of a migraine.
I'm pretty sure it's due to hormonal changes (after all, I will celebrate a half-milestone birthday in just 3 days) and this whatever-it-is autoimmune disease that I have.

So, since I am familiar with the horrible effects of migraines, I am better able and more apt to pray for my friends who I know get them, like Cindy.

Cindy, if you're reading this, know I pray for you often, okay??

Do any of you out there suffer from terrible headaches? I found it interesting that Ruth Bell Graham's mother did, and she was able, by the grace of God, to be a stellar mom and wife.

Oh Lord, grant unto me the ability to rise above my frailties and be the mom and wife You have called me to be!


Renata said...

Oh Leanne, I hope you feel better soon. I'll pray for you - glad your laptop is up & running!!
Renata :)

chickadee said...

my daughter has terrible migraines too. she has had them since she was 3. i hope yours are only temporary.

Emily said...

Sounds like you've been struggling with those dang things. I hate them. I've only had 1 migraine and it was years ago, but it was quite scary.

BUT, you seem to have a routine, which is calming in and of itself!

yahoo on the laptop being fixed.

EEEEMommy said...

I get migraines, but I don't have to take meds for them fortunately.
I hope you're feeling better! I'd say congrats on getting the computer fixed, but maybe God is His infinite wisdom allowed it to break; especially if it contributes to the migraines. I've found that a broken computer isn't always a bad thing. Um...the blog police aren't going to take my blog away for saying such a thing are they?

Kelly said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!!!
WOW - SIX BEAUTIFUL children!!! What a fun family! I loved that you called them your "stamps". Stamps is our last name! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I know headaches stink, I couldn't imagine a migraine. I am glad your computer is up and working. I think we would make good IRL friends too. I told my husband I wanted to come out and see all you WA girls. I think I blog with about 4-5 now. Being the easy going guy he is he said, "go buy a ticket". I kindly reminded him they aren't free.lol Although someday I may have to come visit. I am not sure I could wait until heaven too see you all ;)

Gayle said...

Leanne, have you ever tried using a decongestant when you get them?
I have a friend who suffers with them terribly and she swears by that. So something like Sudafed?
I know that it would be scary to change up your routine, but maybe if you sub the Sudafed for the Tylenol once and see how that works?
I know how bad headaches can get, because I had a pituitary tumor when I was a teen. They (headaches) can be crippling when they occur!
Yes, I knew about R.B.G.'s Mom...What an inspiration!

Gayle said...

So many people I know struggle with migraines. Now I know who to ask if I ever have one.

Marsha said...

I get migraines too. I really need to get an MRI... just to be sure things are okay in there. Well, as much as an MRI can tell you anyway! LOL My dad had a brain aneurism when I was in the 4th grade. As Dash enters the 4th grade, everytime I have a migraine I wonder in the back of my mind... I need to not be fearful but I also think I should get it checked out. Anyhoo, I could go on and on about the weirdness of it, but I will spare you m'dear!