Saturday, June 14, 2008

Packing Tape and Little Things

Why is it that, every SINGLE time I buy a new roll of packing tape, it gets LOST?????

It's true! I've bought at least 4 ROLLS of the stuff, and each and EVERY ONE has gotten lost!

The stuff is NOT cheap, you know??

I mean, I always, always tell myself "I'll put it here, in a safe place, and I'll be sure and find it when I need it."

It's NEVER where I put it. NEVER!!

I have a suspicion that all of my lost rolls of expensive packing tape are in that big warehouse in Roswell, NM, where all of our unmatched socks went after we put them in the dryer. It's a big conspiracy theory.

But people, I'm here to tell you, I think the subversion has come to an end! We actually FOUND the newest roll of tape!! Yep. I'm feelin' pretty good now!
In other news, more along the lines of serious reflections..........

A couple of weeks ago I went to the local paperback book store, where you can buy new and used books and trade your paperbacks in for credit. I saw a whole mess of books from one of my old favorite husband/wife author teams, the Thoenes (pronounced Tay-nee), so I thought I'd grab them up and read them.

I'd already read these books, and everything else by them, several years ago. But I remember them being so good that I decided to read them all again.

I bought them, to the tune of $50, and dived right in when I got home.

Well, I guess I have really changed, because I just didn't like these books at all! In the first one, the main young woman character gives away her purity, then it is referenced that she spends lonely nights burning for him!! Ah, I guess I missed that when first I read these books! The other books in this series are just like that.

To my mind, this is just one more sign of my becoming. I really have grown, and I am so sensitive now to anything that might dishonor or blaspheme God. I do not enjoy it or condone it when an author flirts with the edge like that.

I say all that to say that I had lost the receipt for my book purchase, and at this particular store, I knew I was up a creek! I wanted to bring them back and get my money back, but I didn't think this would be possible.

Still, I decided to try, so I went in just a few days later, on the off chance that they would give me a refund. Well, they know me well in there, and she did give me a credit slip for the amount of my purchase, less tax.

I was so disappointed, because I was pretty disillusioned by all of the authors that I used to like and didn't want to get any more books right now that I knew I wouldn't like..........but it was the best I could hope for, without a receipt.

I promptly lost the credit slip too!

Well, they said that if I found my receipt, they would give me a refund.

Remember, I lost said receipt.

I prayed quite fervently that the Lord would enable me to find it, as this was a major purchase and I was so remorseful for viewing, and spending my husband's money, on that kind of trash, and I wanted to remedy the situation.

I didn't find it.

But guess what? Today, Hannah was swiffing under my bed, and lo and behold, what was that tiny slip of paper she unearthed from the far reaches of Underneath the Bed?

My receipt!

God cares about the little things.


Duckygirl said...

I thought I'd read all of the Theone's books and I can't remember that in any of them...which one did you read? Was there redemption later and was that portrayed as poor behavior??

And the packing tape is ALWAYS lost at my house too, so I buy mine at the dollar store :)


Marsha said...

I'm glad the receipt was found!

As to the packing tape, I have it in my wrapping paper drawer. So at least *I* will always know where it is and my kids don't have a clue! Because they get on these weird tape and yarn binges sometimes...

Renata said...

I think all the tape, paper, pens, scissors & staples get eaten at my home!!! - They certainly disappear VERY quickly.
As for the books, what a shame - I never really enjoyed their books (I read a few in my younger years), but it is wonderful you found your receipt!! Hope your next purchase is more successful!!
Renata :)

Renata said...

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar!
Renata :)

Debbie said...

Thanks for the nice comment!
Love that you found the receipt!
My issue is the Scotch tape. I'll buy a 3 pack and it'll disappear after each time I use it. UGH!

Debbie said...

Use away! It's off a card I received from a friend after Addison's birth. It speaks to me often, in many different ways. I don't know who wrote it as it was a random Christian card.

Gayle said...

Hi Leanne!!
I have just sat down and read thru your last few posts....I'm not sure how I've missed them?
I am going to have to check out the Thoenes, I haven't heard of them before.
Glad you found your tape...LOL!

Gayle said...

Good grief...I need to pay better attention to what I say. :(
You were telling us NOT to check out that author...I need to get off of this computer...

Gayle said...

And hey...just because I need to really appear to have lost my mind, I wanted to say that I remember as a young teenager, I would devour V.C. Andrews books.
Have you ever read those things?! They are AWFUL!!! But I had forgotten about them until I picked one up about a year disgusted me pretty badly. It makes me sick to think of all the young girls that used to read her.
Ok, I am off for real this time...:)

Monica said...

I find that so interesting, too. Sometimes I'll see a movie for a second time thinking that I really enjoyed it the first time and then I have to turn it off. It is so amazing that as God works in our life, He does change our perspectives and desires. What a great testimony.