Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Hot!

I guess I haven't been a faithful blogger lately!

But don't leave me!

The past few days in our area, it's been in the 90's. We don't have central air in our home. We cool our home the old fashioned way: filtered box fans in our bedroom windows. This environment is not conducive, in my opinion, to spending two hours on the computer surfing my favorite blogs. Oh, I've been checking in with most of you, but it's so hot in our house that I don't want to be in here!

But it's just as hot outside!

I know. I'm complaining about the very weather I prayed for just last month! Call me flighty.......but did I mention it is H O T here?

Since we live by the lake in our town, we usually get a nice steady breeze, starting in the afternoon, so we open the front door and the back sliding glass doors and it cools of very nicely after a really hot, stuffy day.

We haven't been getting a breeze. Last night, it was so hot that we slept with our back sliding glass door open!


The slider is in our room. There are two very good watch dogs pretending they are sleeping right on that back step. Not to mention my husband keeps a companion right beside him, and said companion is made of metal and I trust it with my life.

Case closed.

I know I have no right to whine. I mean, after all, isn't it waaaaaay hotter in, like, Arkansas, where Melissa lives? How about Alabama, where Gayle of the Westie Crew lives?

Call me a baby.

One thing I can say for NW weather is that it isn't humid here at all. We live just an hour or so away from the Pacific coast, and spent all day Friday at Ecola State Park and Indian Beach for my birthday.

So I'm 35 now and HOT.

I spent the day with my mom yesterday, going to Costco up north and stuff like that, and I drove my husband's car so he could have the van.

His tranny slips.....

And his air conditioner doesn't work.

Did I mention I'm hot??


chickadee said...

well we do have a/c so i can't complain.

Marsha said...

I couldn't survive without my beloved a/c! It might be 98 outside but it is a pleasant 75 where I'm sitting on my duff and surfing the web. Hey, I have an extra seat beside me if you want to join me! :-)


Rebeca said...

Not humid in the NW? It sure has been a couple hours south of you! I'm glad it isn't usually though. We camped with our homeschool group this weekend and it was a blast. And a belated happy birthday!

EEEEMommy said...

I grew up without A/C. My parents still don't have it and we spent a pretty hot and humid summer at their house a couple of years ago before we moved into this house. Fortunately, I have it now. I get very sick in the heat, but especially in the humidity. When I was reading your lamenting before about the dreary weather, it was 90 here and humid humid humid! When you were sharing how sick you feel when the sun isn't shining, well that's how sick I get when it's humid. Very sick, tired, lethargic, shaky, lightheaded,...that's how I've been the past couple of days, but now I'm great, because a cold front blew in and it's breezy and almost cold. I'm enjoying my blue jeans and sweatshirt. That's my kind of weather! :)
I hope you get some relief from the heat soon. Take a shower right before you go to bed tonight.

Renata said...

Well I'm cold! I hate winter & would trade summer, heat & beach anyday for cold! Enjoy it!
Renata :)

Renata said...

oh & I forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Anonymous said...

That is so funny, because we whine about it raining all the time then when we get a little heat we whine some more. Chickadee whined when they had like 3 days of rain in a row and I LOL. Seriously. I feel your pain. We had our open house yesterday. Not good weather for it, we don't have a/c either. We also have the Track trials here so people were doing other things.
PS_ your food bill made me feel better. :-)

heartathome said...

I wonder how you say "whiner" in French? (hee hee hee!)
Love you, dear hot one!!!!

Gayle said...

Hey Leanne, are you hot? ;)