Friday, June 13, 2008

Cottage Cheese Butts and Stuff

This is the THIRD TIME I have tried to type this post. The size of my font was gigantic, and I typed it over smaller twice, but it didn't work. UGH! Here goes another try.


Today my son was outside doing Man Things. He was wielding the weed wacker with grace and aplomb, complete with the Space Man Face Protector Helmet. He did a splendid job, and now my yard looks all nice and tidy.

I've been a bit low key lately. Wait a minute. Let me rephrase that. I've been downright lazy lately! Not feeling well physically is a death knell for me, since I struggle with idleness and laziness. So I've been parenting from the couch for a few days. Ahem. Bad idea. The kids suffer, Mama suffers, and the house suffers. Waaah.

Those strawberry plants Hannah planted not too long ago are yielding a bit of fruit. Trust me, if you get your butt off of the couch (like I didn't) and plant some strawberry plants, you will never eat another fake plastic store bought strawberry ever again. They are small bursts of ruby sweetness, and The Dog thinks so too.....Grrr.

My husband finished the score he was writing for his first feature film. For those of you who don't know, a score is the music for a movie. He is now done, and the film is in final post production. It should be out in early mid July. He also finished orchestrating a CD for a chap in Pennsylvania. So, in addition to working 40 hrs a week at his job, he was doing two HUGE side jobs too. Since he's getting his music jobs done, the 100 lb burden on his shoulders is reduced by about 75 lbs. He now feels about.....oh, you do the math!!

I decided to get my cottage cheese butt off the couch earlier and go sit out in the sun. So I was basically a chair potato! I stuck my pasty white legs out in the sun, and my bones soaked up the warmth. Then The Dog thought my lap looked like a good place to sun Herself. My lap is no place for a 70 lb Black Lab puppy to sit. She's sweet though, when she's not raiding the strawberries. She likes dandelions and carrots too.

My husband is taking me out on a date Sunday. Wow. We're doing an early dinner and a matinee! The last time we were at the movies, Aslan was giving his life to satisfy the Deep Magic. We're going to see the new Indiana Jones, I think. Hmmm.

My diet stinks lately. Fritos. Homemade bean dip. Mashed potatoes. Gravy. These are things my body is no longer used to. And I feel the pounds sloshing on, even as I sit here! My stomach is not happy, people! I need to get back on the wagon. Immediately. There's nothing wrong with those foods, it's just that I can't eat them because they hurt me! Waaah.

We're having a BBQ tonight. My husband is the best griller in the universe. Remember, he's perfect. So we're having burgers, brats, beans, and potato salad. Ahem. Some of us are having those things. Waaah.

Did I mention that I have fallen off my regimented diet wagon? I'm just about having to move my stomach out of the way so I can type. Not attractive. I'm feeling really hormonal these days. I feel as fat as I ever was at 220 lbs. Oh, I mentioned that already, didn't I? Well Waaah.

My Sofia was trying to wave to you all today, but the pictures were turning out blurry. So I couldn't post them. And I have not the foggiest notion how to post a video on my blog. Or I would have posted a video of my cutie eating a neckaneen and waving to you all, so you could wave back at her. But, since I haven't a clue as to how to post video, you'll have to imagine her waving to you and wave back. Waaah.

Okay, I guess this was a combo whine fest and newsy post......

That's all. What's going on with you?


Leanne said...

I know it may be hard for many of you out there to comprehend but....well...You see, I'm not perfect. One more thing.... do I say this.....I'll just say it and you'll have to trust me on this but my wife does not have a cottage know...hind end.


Renata said...

Totally love this post, Leanne!
Don't we all have those days - when you just can't be bothered to do anything about anything!!!
Enjoy your BBQ & keep smiling!!
By the way, I added you to my list of friends - if that's not alright, please just leave me a comment about it!

Marsha said...

LOL That is so funny that the hubs reads your blog!

Sorry for all the waaaah's in your day. But hooray for him getting the score done, for ze upcoming date, and for some sunshine for those white legs of yours! ROFL

Oh and you can embed video to your blog by using a site like or Cut and paste the html code into the "source" of your page/post.

Clear as mud?

I hope to catch you online again soon-- I miss our chats!

Lots of love,