Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Today, on this first day of October, I've decided to do a post on products that are not on my favorites list, nor ever will be!

Yes, I have a lot of children and I've been married a long time and have used a lot of products.  This post will focus on the things I've used for myself and have thrown into the garbage after a couple of uses.

So, here we go!

Let's talk about hair products.

This is my first product that I will never, ever use again:

I tried to find a picture of this product so I could post it here, but I went through 12 pages of images with no success! But I want everyone to know that Tresemme Thermal Creations Mousse is not my favorite.  It's lauded to protect your hair after you shampoo when you use heat tools like curling irons or straightening irons.  I got it because it said it also smoothed your hair, and we had been having some really humid days, day after day after day, which is simply atypical for this region of the country.  This mousse is heavy and it made my hair feel dirty by the evening.  I would run my fingers through my hair and they would come away coated with film.  Because of this gross film my hair was lifeless and dull.

You'd think that, since this product is a "salon" product and cost $27 per bottle, that it would be fabulous. Well, I got a sample from Sephora when I recently placed an order with for my birthday with a gift card my friend got me.  I had high hopes and my hopes crashed! YUCK!!
I have no idea why this stuff claims to be so popular! My two oldest girls and I all hated it.  We noticed absolutely no difference in our eyelashes after using this!
I found this stuff, The Body Shop body butter, at my local grocery outlet store.  Now, I don't usually like The Body Shop either, but this was cheap and it had one side of super thick stuff and one side of regular stuff, and I needed something for my dry feet.  I loved the thick stuff and it made my dry skin on my feet disappear, but it made me itch terribly.  It's full of artificial ingredients and so, I have to put it on the Not-So-Favorite list!!
Now, I ordered this with my Sephora gift card for my birthday.  It came in a package of 6 different brands and types of lip stuff.  It is VERY spendy and I hate it.  It is very sticky and very heavy and yet, it wears off within a half hour of applying it! Save your money and don't buy this stuff.
This stuff was given to us, and I had actually used it a few years ago and loved it, but recently they must have changed their recipe because this stuff is worthless! My laundry came out more dingy and not even cleaned.  I won't use this anymore.
This stuff is just all perfume, in my opinion! Never using it again!
This stuff is not very sudsy and you have to use a ton in your dish water to actually get those cleaning suds! So glad to have other choices.

I cannot stand any of these products, for the same reason listed with the Tresemme mousse, but also because of the white flakes that would build up on my hair!! Ewwww!!!!

And I will say, anything Cover Girl totally grosses me out.  It's all cheap and chintzy, and their values and morals, or lack thereof, totally sicken me.

Since this is a post dedicated to my Not-So-Favorite things, it's entirely random. 

I think that's all for today.  I actually look forward to doing an opposite post, listing my favorites!

Stay tuned!



Kathryn said...

I loved Gain and Kirkland laundry soap for years. All of the sudden last year, Andy started getting a horrible rash all over his chest/arms every time he put on a clean shirt.So I started making my own laundry soap and fabric softener...I'll never go back to store bought. It's SO EASY to do, and so much cheaper. I bet your girls could make it for you. :) Morgan and I do it together all the time.

Theresa said...

I used to love Great Lash, but recently bought it and hated it. It made my eyelashes brittle and dry. I returned my used tube to Rite Aid and exchanged it for Lash Discovery, which I love! I also like Full and Soft. I like Maybelline because I am able to find products made in the USA :)