Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Please Read

I read a blog called "Tesha's Treasures".

She and I met through our blogs.  We are both BabyLoss Mamas and we really clicked with each other. We email each other and read each other's blogs and pray for each other.  

She has such a transparent heart.  She has such a teachable spirit and such beauty, inside and out.  I cannot wait to meet her in person some day and hug her!!

Please read this post.  She is a great writer, so eloquent yet so simple and so earthy.....she nails a lot of things that are in my heart right now.  It's amazing to me that she seemed to take the thoughts and feelings in my heart right out of me and post them in her post!

Thank you also for praying for her, as she is less than two weeks away from giving birth to her seventh child.

Thank you!!

Tesha's Treasures

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