Thursday, October 17, 2013


Yes, I told you I was going to do a late Bumpdate, didn't I?

Well, I was waiting to take a picture of my Bump...which is really not a cute little Bump's a Mountain that causes people to look at me with a horrified look or a look of sympathy and ask, in the most hushed tone, "are you due next week?"


How about this one: "are you sure there's only one in there?"

I read a post today about strangers losing their filters, meaning that those around us have no propriety or manners anymore and will say whatever comes to their minds when they see families like ours......

How about the lady I'm acquainted with that I saw recently at a sale? She looked at me with total disgust and asked me how many kids I had now, and I told her that this baby would make 9 kids for us, and she looked at me and spat:  "Well, you're not very smart! But...your kids are nice so...." I looked at her, and with a perfectly straight face said: "They certainly don't get that from me, obviously!" and I walked away.

It's getting to where I just don't want to go anywhere anymore just because of the comments and the stares, especially because I have to use those little motorized scooters to get around anywhere, as per my doctor's orders.  

Let me just be honest here, it's very, VERY hard to listen to the comments and still remember that I'm a Christian and that I must let the law of love be on my tongue.  The comments are always made to me when my husband isn't with me.  It's almost like his very presence deflects any rude people from opening their mouth. 

I wish he could be with me all the time!

I also wonder how my children feel when those comments are thrown at me.  

Anyway, I sure didn't mean to go on that rant!

But, even without a picture, I'll update you on our progress anyway!

How far along? We are officially 30 weeks now.  That's 7 and a half months!!!

Size of baby? He's in the 64 percentile.

Gender? It's a boy!

Weight gained? I haven't really gained any weight in the past few weeks, thank the Lord! 

Yes, all of my clothes are maternity clothes, and have been since I've been about 9 weeks pregnant!

He's moving and kicking and rolling around in there.

I'm looking forward to having him when it's cold outside.  I hope it's snowing while I'm in labor, although for our area, that would be a miracle.  I'd like to look at the snow gently cascading from the sky while I labor!

I was craving Mexican food, although I did have some the other day after my doctor's appointment and I also had a Pepsi with it.  About a half hour later, at my midwife's office I started to feel really gross and tired and nauseated, and she checked my blood sugar, which was very high....she gave me a bottle of water to drink and I was fine about an hour or so later, but I felt so sick that I didn't want to eat Mexican food anymore!! That's a miracle.  I still don't really want it.  I'm trying to drink tons of water.  I did drink some pickle juice yesterday!!!

I don't miss anything at all!! 

I'm sleeping alright.  My good sleep ebbs and flows.  The liquid calcium sure helps.

I've got restless legs! 

Yes, I do have stretch marks, but they're hard to see.  My stretch marks are very deep though.  Sometimes I feel like my skin is just going to split open! When that happens, I use this and let me tell you, it helps SO much! It smells so great too!

I'm sure glad I haven't gained any weight in the past month because I'm already heavy and getting around is tough!

The girls made a paper chain a while back to mark the days until Baby Boy's due date, and the chain is looking very short now! I guess there's about 70 more days to go.....

Anyway, I guess that covers this Bumpdate.  Thanks for tuning in!!!!


Erin said...

So sorry you've had some yucky comments lately. You'd think that other moms ESPECIALLY would know what NOT to say to other women who are pregnant....but, alas. I've received some interesting comments with each pregnancy, and, although it gets easier to let those suckers slide off my back each pregnancy, it still is no fun in the moment. Here's hoping you encounter some friendlier and more positive strangers in the near future! Glad you and baby are doing well!

Tesha Papik said...

Yeaaa for 30 weeks it will fly by now and he will be in your arms before yo know it! How happy I will be to read you are cuddling your little boy as I cuddle mine:)

Pamela said...

Some people are just rude and have no filter for their tongue. During the 9 years of my infertility, I experienced all of them--including the suggestions of what undergarments my husband should wear. Enjoy your beautiful family. I hope the next 70 days go quickly. I can tell Jack will be a much loved child.

Susie White said...

My husband always wants me to ride in those scooters when I am big and pregnant. Lucky for him I'm too slow to catch him and punch him in the face. You are more brave then me! Still waiting for that pic...just sayin'. :)