Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Morning Center


You may not know that I am passionately, outspokenly pro-life.  I believe that the life of a baby in the womb is sacred.  I believe that, as Christians, we ought to be protecting that defenseless life, every opportunity we get.  I am violently opposed to abortion for any reason at all, be it rape or incest or whatever.  27% of European women die due to abortion.  I have never, ever heard of a case where it was necessary to kill the unborn baby to save the life of the mother.  Never.  

That's why I'm sharing about The Morning Center in Memphis, TN.  

The Morning Center is in a competition for a $50,000 grant that would enable the center to outfit a van to become a mobile center to travel to downtown Memphis and provide FREE prenatal and maternal care for women in Memphis. Pregnant women will have an alternative to feeling like Planned Parenthood is the only place they can go and that abortion is the only answer.

This is a revolutionary idea.  

Imagine low-income or needy women being able to receive good prenatal and maternal care on the streets.  


The thing is, they will only win this grant by having the most votes from people like you and me, and by you sharing this with every single person you know.  

Right now, there is a very militant group of women who have heard about this and are trying like gangbusters to keep The Morning Center from winning.  They have mobilized their anti-life, anti-baby friends and are voting against The Morning Center.  Yesterday, we were in first place.  Today, we are behind by 600 votes.  

Listen, The Morning Center deserves this money.  If the idea of a mobile van for medical care takes off, imagine how many other cities will jump on the bandwagon.  Imagine how many women can have access to the care that they need to ensure a healthy pregnancy!! 

Planned Parenthood does not provide prenatal or infant care with the hundreds of millions of dollars in tax money they receive every year.

Let's help The Morning Center!!

They need at least 1000 votes today.

You can go to this link and you can vote every single day until October 31st.

But they can only win with the most votes.

I know I don't have millions of readers or thousands of followers and fans, but I feel passionate about this.  And I want to try to set you on fire with my passion.  

PLEASE tell every single person you know to go to this link and vote once a day for the next week! PLEASE send this link to every single person you know and get them to vote every single day! PLEASE add The Morning Center to your prayer list!

You will be helping to save lives of women and babies if you check this out.

PLEASE help thwart the plan of the enemy to kill our babies!!!!

PLEASE help me to help The Morning Center to win this contest and to win people over for Christ!!!!!

Here is the link:

The Morning Center

You can share this on your Facebook page.  You can share this on Twitter.  You can make up flyers and pass them out.

I believe in this cause.  I believe in The Morning Center.

Do you??

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Erin said...

That's such a great idea to have mobile maternity care for those who need it--kind of can't believe this isn't already a big thing, you know? Thanks for sharing!!