Monday, October 8, 2012

My Life

I decided to post some pictures of things that make me happy, sort of like my own version of the take-a-pic-a-day that everyone's doing in BlogLand.

This post also satisfies my need for just randomness too!

So, here we go!

Love this girl.


Miss Spontaneous!

Hey....Just What I Always Wanted!

A Pretty Flower Down the Block.

These are some of the pictures my girls took over the past couple of months and I think my girls are pretty good photographers.  We'd like to get each of them a camera of their own, and I think they are going to add that to their Birthday and Christmas lists.

Thanks for looking at our pictures!


Erin said...

They are beauties!! How fun that they take pics and you can find them later like little treasures! :)

Tesha said...

Great pictures I love seeing your family...So BEAUTIFUL!