Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Yesterday, in "Springs in the Desert" I read the following passage.  It is so interesting because, each time I read this book after a long absence from its pages, I find that the passage is just what I need to hear to comfort, encourage, incite, stir up, speak to, or calm me, as needed!

So I read this yesterday, October 22, and it really knocked me for a loop! I was set back on my heels, and the arrow shot from my Saviour's bow hit deeply into its mark! It spoke so perfectly and intrinsically to what I'm wrestling with. For that reason, I wanted to share it with you.

    "It may seem a very terrible thing for the soul to yield itself wholly and unreservedly to the will of Christ.  'What is going to happen? What about tomorrow? Will He not put a very heavy burden upon me if I yield, if I take up the yoke?'  Ah, you have not known my Master! You have not looked into His face! You have not realized His infinite love for you! Why, God's will for you means your fullest happiness! Christ's will and your deepest happiness are synonymous terms.  How can you doubt that your Lord has planned for you the very best thing?"
    "The admiral that goes out with his fleet under sealed orders does not know what is in the packet; but he goes out prepared to do the will of the government of his country.  And although it seems to you that you take from Christ the sealed packet of His will and know not what is in it, yet knowing Who He is that has planned your future, you can step out without realizing all that it means, just as you take His promises.  The value of any promise depends upon the promiser, and so it is with His will.  Whose will is it?? Whose yoke is it?? 'My yoke', says the gentle, loving Jesus.  'Take My yoke upon you.'  To take His yoke is to accept cheerfully His will for us, not only in the present moment, but for the whole future that He has mapped out." Passage written by Mrs. Charles Cowman
    "Surrender your will to God.  He will never take advantage of you."   
                               Evan H. Hopkins

    '"I dare not promise, Lord", I cried
"for future years close-sealed.
Surrender is a fearful thing~~
I long~~but dare not yield"
How clear and swift the answer came!
"I only ask of thee
a present of thyself for time
and for eternity."
An easy thing to make, a gift!
My fears found swift release.
I gave myself to Him and found
understanding, and peace."'
Bertha Gerneaux Woods 

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Erin said...

Loved reading this, and I needed that today, too. :)