Monday, October 1, 2012


Can you believe that it's October already??

I can't.  

Today was ripe with clarity, and the intense golden glow of the sun as it moved toward the horizon sharpened my senses and touched everything with light that made the trees and the grass seemingly come to life.  The sharp glow of the sun almost reminded me of that first taste of sparkling cider, and how the tiny bubbles would dance and burst on my tongue with such joy.....

As I drove around doing various errands today, I noticed how Fall is already taking the city by surprise.  I saw the changing of the seasons in the fiery, ruby red burst on the tips of hedges and in the veil of amber and flax-colored drama touching the trees.  I was strangely pleased to hear the dry crunch of fallen leaves under my feet as I walked on the vibrant, emerald grass.  And I was captivated by the slight sting of the cold morning as I woke up before the sun, thinking of the comfort and warmth my favorite blanket would give again, after being missed all summer.

To me, the honest air and the pure, caressing breeze is ripe with serenity.  It makes me think of the ways that the Lord cleanses me and purifies me of all the angst and the confusion of the long days on my journey.  I hear the Lord whisper to me in that breath of wind.  The ears of my spirit become more closely attentive to Him as He murmurs truths to me.  I pray that I will always be as attentive to Him as I am right now.  I ask Him to make my heart receptive to those things that He has for me to learn, though they may not be easy.

I'm always calmed when there is a breeze blowing.  I always feel my God in the rush of the wind and the quiet praise of the leaves as they are set in motion by the sweet laughter of the daily zephyr that we enjoy around here.

I pray for you, that our Lord would open the eyes of your heart and expand your knowledge of Him and what He is saying to you.  The Bible says that all creation worships Him, and I pray that you would be able to grasp that as you go about your daily duties.  I know He wants you to experience Him with all of your senses, after all, that's precisely why He created us with all of our senses.  Thank you for letting me express myself and listening as I reveal a bit of the ways that He is God to me. 


Renata said...

Hi Leanne
It is lovely catching up here!! Hope you are going well ~ I think of & pray for you often!! It's hard to believe how quickly this year has gone, but it's spring now here & I'm so glad as it was a really cold winter ( felt very long).
Have a wonderful week

Erin said...

Beautiful. :)