Thursday, October 25, 2012

Right Now

Here's a few questions I answered just to give you a peek into what's going on right now in my world:

Outside my window.... it is still dark and almost 6:20 AM.  I'm a morning person, big time! I got up at 5:40 AM this morning.  Sometimes I wish I could sleep in!!

I'm thinking.... about the curriculum I just ordered for my girls on Ebay.  It was ridiculously cheap and in great condition.  I didn't even know you could get curriculum on eBay! Ha, shows you how much I know!!

I'm thankful for....the comfort we live in and the relative ease of our lives, comparatively speaking.  I'm deeply grateful that it was God's will for me to be born where I was born, in the era that I was born in.

In the's a bit messy! Dishes need to be done and counters need to be wiped down.  I'm going to be making my fabulous gluten-free pancakes in a couple of hours.  We top them with tons of REAL butter and jam.  My favorite jam is organic strawberry!

I'm wearing....the long black maxi dress I slept in.  A little secret: yes, I wore the dress yesterday.  And yes, I sometimes sleep in what I wore! I'm an Honest Mama!

I'm creating....My Plan of Attack for tomorrow, which happens to be Grocery Shopping Day.  I won't be going to Costco tomorrow like usual, I'll stay in town and shop.  The budget for these next two weeks is pretty slim.

I'm wondering....what's on the menu tonight for dinner! Yes, I do struggle with the Making of Weekly Menus, which would probably help me immeasurably every night! I used to make weekly menus very often, but since our grocery budget has shrunk by half, it is pretty hard to make a menu! Sob sob sob!!!

I'm reading....I just finished "In My Hands" by Irena Gut Opdyke. It is the true story of a Holocaust Rescuer living in Poland during World War 2.  It was gripping and horrifying and heart-wrenching and thought provoking and it incited me to be deeply thankful for many things I take for granted.  It is starkly graphic at points but almost clinically so, and not given to too many details during the very short graphic parts.   I'm also reading "Gentian Hill", a very old book which I cannot remember who wrote it! It is gorgeously and beautifully written about a young girl in late 1700's in England.  She is a ten year old girl and she lives in a very small town on the edge of the sea and I highly recommend it!!

I'm looking forward to....Grocery shopping.  I love to see my children's faces when I bring home the bounty! I'm looking forward to getting the new curriculum in the mail.  Does fantasizing about a tall, creamy, frosty, luscious coffee drink count as something I'm looking forward to??

I'm to be more consistent. This is a never-ending struggle for me.  I'm learning how to try to be a better Christian even when I'm hormonal.  I'm learning that it is no fun to drive a van that has at least 2 rather serious things wrong with it that need to be fixed.  I'm learning to love my husband's work car that hasn't got any power steering and the speedometer is unplugged.  In fact, I plan on begging him to let me take him to work so that I can drive his car today instead of the van!! I'm prepared to use bribery!!!

Around the house....all the little mice are snugly snoozing in their beds.  Pennie is nestled cozily in her crib, dreaming of chocolate muffins and holding Mama.  Daddy needs to wake up very soon.  It is very quiet.  I love this time of day.

A favorite quote of the day...."We bring delight to the Lord when we find joy in our role as a Mama."  

One of my favorite things....just one??? Hmmm....Pennie laying on my chest, with her hand on my cheek, and I can rub my face in her soft blonde baby hair.  I can hold her for as long as I want.  She wants to hold me lots these past couple of days because she has a tiny cold. To me, this is pretty close to bliss.

Okay, it's your turn to answer these questions! 

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Theresa said...

Those sound like great books. Do you get them from your library? I wonder if mine has them.