Thursday, September 27, 2012


Well, how's your Fall shaping up so far??

Yes, Autumn officially arrived on September 22.'s 100 degrees where you live?

I guess that doesn't make if feel very much like Autumn, does it??

I mean, what is Autumn but cool temperatures, crispy nights, warm sweaters,  Fall colored makeup and yummy, spicy scented candles?? I think, if it is still hot as Hades in your neck of the woods (or prairie, as it were) then I say, take measures to persuade Fall that it is time to visit your area!!

I'll give you a little glimpse of things in our area: as of now, it's a cool 65 degrees.  The sky is a very gentle, soft blue and there is a small breeze blowing.  We can smell a tiny tang of wood fires and the leaves are just touched with fiery gold, russet, and brick red on the tips of their leaves.

If I could, I'd have a big crock pot of spiced cider slowly warming and scenting the kitchen, and some fragrant candles burning, reminiscent of what makes Fall the best time of the year! There'd be a large kettle of thick, luscious soup on the back burner......sigh.  I can almost smell the goodness!

I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters and Fall shades of makeup.  I'm anticipating more mellow, deep colors like plum, peacock blue, mustard yellow, burnt orange and gold.  Ahhhh.....I love Autumn so much that I plan on adorning my home with these colors (if we ever do get to do such a thing!) I have a small 8"x8" piece of scrapbook paper hanging in my school room depicting all of those colors, so that if ever the time comes, I will be free to fling my most favorite colors over my house!

I love Home Sweet Home candles by Yankee.  I also love pumpkin pie and crave it! I'll be making a few rich, luxurious, silky and wonderful pumpkin pies in the next couple of weeks, along with my famous pumpkin and carrot cake muffins too!! And of course, pumpkin and carrot cake muffins would never be fully dressed without a generous swirl of cream cheese frosting!!!!

Now, if I've titillated your senses, I ask you:

How do you welcome Fall into your home??


Erin said...

Well, I'm moving in. Make up the sofa bed for me. ;). To welcome fall, I burn Yankee's McIntosh Apple candle simultaneously with a cheap cinnamon candle....yum. I've also dusted off my boots, planned pumpkin crafts for the kids, and have plans for a pumpkin spice cake to take to some friends this weekend. It might still be in the 80's here in Oklahoma, but I'm doing my best to persuade those temps right on down. ;)

Tesha said...

Wow you are wonderful at descriptive writing! I could almost smell and see all that you said. Well unfortunately I am not all that great at welcoming fall It is sad to me that we do not really have a change of seasons. Maybe I just need to get better at decorating to make it feel like Fall :)