Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm so thankful for your prayers!!

Stay tuned to your emails as I get caught up on responding to your comments.

Today I'm 17 weeks.  I've been paying very close attention to what I eat and have been checking my blood sugar regularly.  Yesterday I think I poked my poor fingers six times or more! I always use different fingers, for obvious reasons!  I think my blood sugar, after testing two hours after a meal, is in the low 100's to about 125.  I think that's normal?? No idea.  I have read some research and facts about blood sugar, but it's all so conflicting and confusing! Dr W, when I was pregnant with Lucie just two years ago, said that a blood sugar of 110 after a meal was in the high range, but last week he told me that the safe range is 145!!! See what I mean??

My blood sugar seems to be normal, to me.  I'm not sure whether my glucometer is the most accurate.  It is more than 5 years old, and maybe there's a more effective, accurate model out there.  I'm going to Dr W Thursday to do my fasting blood sugar test and another test, it's a relatively high-tech blood test, and the name of it escapes me right now.  Then we'll know how accurate my glucometer is.  If it isn't accurate and if I'm not getting a good reading, I'll get a new meter.

Gals, I can tell you that I am TIRED! I haven't been sleeping well!! Yet, I'm so exhausted when I go to bed at night! I know it's hormone-related......that, and the fact that my body (read: my bladder) compels me to wake up at LEAST 2 times a night to go to the bathroom.  Last night, it was EVERY TWO HOURS!!! I don't usually have to go to the bathroom like at night during my pregnancies.  Old age?? Lol!  I know lack of sleep affects blood sugar, or that's what I've read.  One of the guidelines, after exercise, is to get good sleep.

I can't tell you how many people think we're having twins! It's so funny!

The maternal fetal medicine clinic down South, where I have my ultrasounds, has not called me to schedule my ultrasound appointment.  I should have gotten a call no later than Monday.  I will be calling to check on that tomorrow.  My gal at my Dr's office called them last Thursday and tried to get me set up for an appointment, but the gal on the other end said she needed to review my records first, then she would call me for an appointment.  No call yet.  Sitting on pins-and-needles here!! Dr W wanted to have my ultrasound done at the end of this month.  The end of the month is quickly approaching.......

One reason I'm antsy about knowing what we're having: I've got $175 GymBucks burning a hole in my purse!!! The coupon is good till October 10th!!! If you all shop at or have EVER shopped at Gymboree, you know what that means! Ladies, let me tell you, just between us, I ADORE ME SOME GYMBOREE!!!!............

"Hello, my name is Leanne and I'm a Gym-o-holic!!!"

PS: I think we've changed the boy name Daddy picked.  I confessed to him that I wasn't terribly crazy about the name.  I was going to use it though because he liked it.  I do have a name that I adore picked out.....we'll see.

PSS: Renata, if you're reading this, please please leave me an email where I can reach you!!! Love you.


Kathryn said...

If the sugar readings you are getting after meals are 125 or less, that is very good. You are probably having a glucose tolerance test with your FBS? I have never heard that not getting a good sleep affects your sugar...that's new to me. I've never experienced that, but that doesn't mean anything...

Duckygirl said...

$175 gymbucks? Wohooo! I'd be itchin' to spend it too :)

Can't wait to hear more....I'd love it if you decide to share names!


Devin said...

I'd say you are a gym-bo-freak with that many bucks! Whoo-hoo!! What a shopping spree you are going to have!

Praying for you...I am super duper excited to find out what you are having, too!

Renata said...

Hi Leanne
So pleased you left this message - my email is

I would give the ultrasound place another call because you really need to have that scan soon if the dr wants it by the end of the month!
That voucher sounds great - I can see why you would want to know bubs gender - baby shopping is so much fun!
Hope you keep well & get some rest - I was up multiple times each night the whole of my pregnancies - not fun.
Have a wonderful day

Susan said...

Very very excited for you to hear about the ultrasound. I think it is so funny that we are due almost exactly the same time and that we both have 6 girls one boy. I just can't wait. I found out on Monday that we are having another boy. YIPPEEEEE!!!!