Thursday, September 16, 2010



I had my 4-month check up today.

I've actually had some concerns this pregnancy that just won't leave me alone.

The weight gain issue has been haunting me.  And ladies, I have gained 10 POUNDS in 5 WEEKS.  Whew.  That seems like a LOT to me in a short amount of time! Is it?? I'm thinking that I have 6 MONTHS left of this pregnancy and I can't be gaining that much weight each month! That makes 12 pounds of weight gain so far this's scaring me!

I've been having weird symptoms, like thirst and dizziness and extreme fatigue about a half hour after eating.  My gut has been telling me to get back to checking my blood sugar, which I was doing very regularly after each meal not too long ago.  I ran out of my tester strips, and when I went to get them, they told me it was going to be $125!!!!! Excuse me??? I had NO idea you had to have a prescription for them! Needless to say, I didn't get them.  But I talked to Dr W about my concerns today, and likety-split, he had a fasting blood sugar and another blood test ordered, which I'll go in soon for, and he said he'd fax in a prescription for those tester strips.  He wants me to see a dietician too.  Ladies, I feel great.......IF I DON'T EAT!!!! The good news (sort of) is he does not want to do the glucose tolerance test next appointment, yay! He just skipped it totally and we'll do the fasting thing........which I've never done.  I'll just go in in the morning and get that done......

The news that surprised me is that I don't have to wait till mid-October to have my ultrasound! He wants me to have it at the end of the month.  I was taken aback.  I had prepared myself to wait a loooooong time, or what seemed like a long time, to see our Baby.  The office is going to call me to set up that appointment.

So, the reason I asked you all to pray is because I am navigating very unknown and strange waters here! I've never had blood sugar problems a day in my life.  I just feel really weird physically and this pregnancy is already taking a toll on me, big time, and I'm not sure why.  I know I should choose to believe and cling to the thought that our Baby is perfect and fine........I tell ya, I feel like this is my first pregnancy with all of these symptoms and concerns!

I know that blood sugar problems can cause severe weight gain.  Since hearing all of this, my husband has gone extreme with me, but I expected that.  My husband has gone from a hard-core sugarhead to being as anti-sugar as they come! So he told me that I am not having any more COFFEE DRINKS and no more of my favorite Blue Sky Natural Cola........but truthfully, I knew I needed to quit the coffee drinks anyway.  It's just kinda tough when Husby is on board and watches eachandevery move I make and eachandevery thing I put in my mouth......isn't that what spouses are for??? Lol.

I'm excited to think that we'll know who our Baby is by the end of the month.  Ought I to reveal the names we have picked out????

I'll let you know the very latest breaking news as soon as there is any to report!!!


My Little Warriors said...

PRAYING! I'll be sending you an e-mail very soon.
And YES! I think you should at least tell me the name ! :)

Karen said...


Just popped in to thank you for the sweet card! I love it! Did you make it? Owls are a weakness of mine...and love the little treat you put in, too. I was feeling a little depressed that day, so your words were a quick pick-me-upper.

I was diagnosised with gestational diabetes last pregnancy...such a shock to me because I have never had any problems before. My doctor said it was an age thing. Go figure...everything is an age thing to me nowadays=).

Anyway, I worked with a nutritionist and it was the best thing. I think all pregnant women should see a nutritionist. I learned to eat smaller meals frequently. I felt 100% better after seeing her...I was dragging and sluggish before.

I will be praying for you and that little miracle inside. Can't wait until you post the u/s pictures=).

Hugs and love....

Michelle said...

I will be praying. I love ultrasounds. I always said if I was rich I would want to buy one. I just love seeing there little bodies and fingers and such. I would love to hear your name choices. It's one of the many fun parts about having a baby, and for me a bit stressful. I think picking boy names are harder than girl names. I hope all your tests come back great. Thanks for the update and will be checking back for more.

Susan said...

Will be praying for you to get some answers. I feel like i have gained a lot of weight this tiem too. I am 17 weeks today and have gained 8 pounds. I might talk to my doctor about this too.
thanks for the info.

Rebeca said...

Praying... and happy anniversary!!

EEEEMommy said...

Looks like I missed your announcement. Congratulations!
I was thinking of you while we were on vacation in Yellowstone. We were walking through Wall Drug in South Dakota, and there was a sign for Big Train coffee drinks. I immediately thought of you, and had to try one.

Now that I know you're pregnant, I'll be praying!

Grace and Peace,

Renata said...

I'm so sorry I missed this update earlier - but will be praying now for you my friend!
God bless