Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Must Read

I stumbled across a site recently that reported that an agency based in California had bought and tested many, many brands of juices and baby foods marketed to parents for their children, and the agency found levels of LEAD that far exceeded the EPA's guidelines.

Here is only one link where you can read about this:

You can also just google "lead in baby food" and a whole host of links will come up.

There is an extensive list of juices and fruits made by many companies, but a lot of them are made by the Nestle corporation.

Most of the brands and foods are approved for purchase by WIC.

Please, all of you who have babies or young children, would you please do a bit of research and pass this info on to your friends and family?? Lead is a serious neurotoxin with a whole host of dangerous side effects.  I encourage you to know what you are feeding your families!

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Renata said...

Oh my goodness - that is so dangerous. I'm sure it's probably the same over here.
I think making your own baby food is the best option (& freshly made juices) - then you know exactly what's in it.