Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your Thoughts?

I've seen polls on some other pregnant ladies' blogs, but, lacking the computer skills to add one to my sidebar, I'll opt for the old-fashioned way, having you gals leave comments on your opinion on the matter of.......

WHO this baby is in my womb.

I'm starting to get excited about finding out just WHO is in there.  I have my 4 month check up on Thursday and we will probably make an appointment for the big Ultrasound.  It will be sometime in October.  I see a perinatologist down South of here.  He's Dr Winkler and he's really amazing.  I don't see him that much, just for ultrasounds, because there are no specialists or second level ultrasound clinics around us and we have to travel.  Dr Whelan, my long time regular OB, feels comfortable with second level ultrasounds for me, since Janie.  So I have two really great doctors on my team!  And I love getting to see my babies in high resolution, almost-real-time images.

A lot of people think I'm having twins.  As of yet, we have only heard one heartbeat, the two times we have been able to get a heartbeat, at 7 weeks and again at 11 weeks.  I just think the thought of twins is nothing more than wishful thinking and an overactive desire for them!! But still we pray.....

What I want to know is, what do YOU think we're having?? You all know we have 7 children, well, 8 really, and 7 of those 8 children are girls, although one lives in Heaven, she was still a girl and still part of our family.

Lately, I'm placing Janie as a member of our family here on Earth.  I hadn't wanted to tell people that we really have 8 children, for fear of making them uncomfortable, but I've had a desire to make her  place with us known by acknowledging her presence to others.  She has a permanent place in my heart, and a lot of times, we've felt like someone is "missing" in our midst. To me, she lives here, with us.  She is just as real to me as any of my other babies. I held her.  I kissed her.  I touched each of her tiny fingers and stroked her peach-fuzz hair.  This year, I have been wanting to remember her out loud, to everyone, for her short life changed me in ways that I could never have been changed had she not moved and kicked in my womb for the short almost-7-months she did.  Sometime soon, I will tell her story here.  I feel the need, very soon, to inscribe, here, that time of my life that was the darkest, scariest, loneliest, most growing, most becoming time in my entire life.  I can see bits of her in our babies that have come after her, in Sofia, in Lucie.  And because of what I learned after she had flown to Jesus, mainly about how my fertility and my womb do not belong to me, I've made room in my heart for other babies, three of which aren't here either, and finally, there is Life in my womb!!!!

So, taking into account our current stats as of now......

Is it a BOY or a GIRL??

We have names picked out for both a Boy and a Girl, which will be revealed on that day that we find out who will grace us with their presence, come March.

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think!


Renata said...

Well I'm thinking a boy - although usually I get it wrong :)
Janie is definitely a part of your family & to hide her life would be terrible.
Looking forward to your u/s results!! Do you find out the gender?
Have a great day

Devin said...

I'm going with the odds, here--GIRL!


Of course you should include Janie--she IS a part of your family! (I wouldn't worry a stinkin' little bit if that makes others uncomfortable....a daughter is a daughter, whether she is living with you right at this moment, or she is in God's kingdom until you catch up to her!)

Love to you, friend...

My Little Warriors said...

I've always thought of your family and included Janie in it. Don't ever feel like you don't want to make someone uncomfortable because YOU lost a child to soon. The world is most often touched the most by those who spend the least ammount of time in it.
LOVE YOU LADY! and your PRECIOUS family!

Susan said...

I would say girl, just because this is what I always say when a family dominates one sex. We are the same way 6 girls one boy and with this pregnancy I am saying it is a girl again.

Duckygirl said...

I'm going to be more specific and say I think this baby is Jack. You said guess who right, not just boy/girl. :) I'm sooo anxious to hear results after your ultrasound!