Friday, July 31, 2009

Always, Sometimes, Never.....

This is a fun idea for a post that I got from another gal I read frequently. I'm actually a lurker on her blog and I was lurking today and saw this post, so I decided to do it here!

I always.......

1) Say "Be careful" to Dave when he leaves for work in the mornings. Every. Single. Day. I seldom forget, but if I do, I always call him right away and tell him. A ritual. My day feels incomplete if I don't do this.

2) Put socks on my feet after my shower.

3) Pray together with my husband before work.

4) Have a cup of chamomile tea before bed. Double bag. Helps me sleep.

I sometimes......

1) Hose off out back in the hose, but it has to be REALLY hot, like 100 degrees or more, for me to do this. It was upwards of 105 earlier this week, and you can guess where I was!

2) Love fries and fry sauce from Nipp's. Has to be Nipp's sauce. YUM!

3) Call my husband during the day just to hear his voice. His voice restores evenness to what can be an off-kilter day.

4) Write in my journal. I love journaling and it ebbs and flows in my life. I've kept most of my journals in my hope chest for my girls. If I can help my kids make sense of God through my struggles and triumphs along my road, I'll be glad.

I never.....

1) Look at my wedding pictures. Most of them are just awful and it makes me wish so badly that we had spent the money on a good photographer. This is one of my regrets from my wedding and I do carry it to this day. I told my girls to please spend the money on a fabulous photographer. When I see other people's smashing wedding photos, I'm just sad.

2) Have watched myself give birth. Only reason: queasy stomach! The closest I came to seeing one of my babies being born is with Kellie, who's 6. She was breech and Dr W attempted to turn her three times. Yes, the third time was a charm, and he broke my water right away and sat me straight up in the bed, as though I was on a chair, so she couldn't turn again. He told us she could still turn breech till I was dilated to 5 cm. She was born and I looked down right after pushing her out and there she was! She was right between my legs and she was all blue......My nurse told me to take a deep breath, as she was still connected by the cord, and she pinked up!! It was pretty cool to see oxygen flow through my baby's body like that. Neat.

3) Never really liked alcoholic beverages. But I have had them in the form of beer (gag!) and a strawberry daquiri once in a pink moon. I prefer daquiris virgin.

4) Would get a tattoo.

Okay, consider yourself tagged if you're reading this! It was fun and I can't wait to read ya'lls posts!


MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

That was fun to read, LeannieLoo!

Emily said...

That was a fun one. I may steal this tag. ;)

Oh, and I call Jim sometimes in the middle of the day for no reason too. and it DOES restore calm to an off kilter day. totally.

Devin said...

Another fun one! Might have to steal this one too! :-)

Sweet Annabelle said...

It's funny how reading these few things about someone makes them seem so much more "real"!

I also never watched myself in birthing - think I would've passed out!

Renata said...

I love this tag - will have to try & remember.
It must have been amazing to see your baby like that ( I had cesareans, so have never seen a natural birth - would love to though!)