Thursday, July 24, 2008

Phillipians 4:8


I was leaving the post about the film up for a few days, to see if I'd get more comments and to see if you all would post a link to the film group's site on your blogs.....

I'm admitting here that I'm so sad that nobody wanted to post the link!

I was so hoping that we could all give Advent some word-of-mouth publicity, and that those of you who have lots of readers would be interested in posting the link.

I guess it didn't work like I thought it would.

Or maybe you guys just didn't see the link....or didn't go to the link......or something.

Advent Film Group is such a noble cause to support. I myself want more films that are truly family friendly, truly God fearing. I want films that have a multi-generational theme of faithfulness! I want films that showcase true modesty and what a real family picture ought to look like......I want the films we watch to follow whatsoever is true, whatsoever is honest, whatsoever is just, whatsoever is pure, whatsoever is lovely, whatsoever is of good report, if there be any virtue and if there be any praise, think on these things. (Phillipians 4:8)

Don't you??

I don't want to see films that are "pretty clean". I don't want to see films with disrespectful children and polished, preppy moms. I don't want to see films in which women dress inappropriately. I have a responsibility, as a Christian, to not set anything evil before my eyes. I don't want to see films with potty mouthed "humor". This is also why we chose not to have access to TV.

That's why I'm so into what Advent Film Group is doing. They are changing the market for films by generating extremely favorable responses to Come What May, and people in the secular world are starting to take notice.

That's what it is going to take to change the film industry.

Let me ask you a few candid, honest questions:

Do you bring R-rated movies into your home, for just you and your husband to watch when the kids are in bed? Do you truly enjoy these movies?

Do you laugh when filthy or off color language is used?

Do you notice the female characters' attire? Do you often say how cute immodest clothing is on the main female character?

Do you think that children using filthy or off color language is funny? (I recently was subjected to a trailer of a new movie, in which a child called an adult a jacka**. The crowd around us laughed.) Do you find yourself laughing too?

I'm not accusing anyone here. What I am trying to do is to get you to examine your standards. What kinds of films do you love to watch, and why?

Would you feel comfortable watching something like 24 or LOST with Jesus? How about The Bachelorette? I've heard some Christian ladies talking about how much they love this show too.

Look, I'm just wondering out loud here. I'm not pointing any fingers. I sure hope I'm not making anyone mad....

I just want you ladies to really think! Ask yourself some of the questions I've asked before you turn the TV or DVD player on.

I'm going to challenge myself to live by Phillipians 4:8, in whatever I do.

Will you?

Listen, I used to watch American Idol sometimes online. It was weird, because when I watched the show, my stomach would get all tight, and I would get really nervous. What's more, I didn't want my girls to see it, for some reason. This really puzzled me! I mean, it's just a singing show, right? Well, my husband finally told me he thought that the show was totally wrong, and he didn't want our girls to look up to or emulate those women on there!!! AH! So that's why I felt so guilty for watching it! The women's attire leaves little to the imagination, for the most part.

That was enough for me. I stopped watching it and feel a weight off my chest.


Before you watch, read, or look at anything, ask yourself if it measures up to Phillipians 4:8. Try it! And I'll be trying it right along with you....

Oh, and then, go to this link:

Advent Film Group

And really think about what the team is trying to do.



Anonymous said...

I am sorry Leanne. I meant to put the link up and forgot. Although I did visit and I want to see the movie. I so agree on the movie/tv thing. I am saddened by many of the tv shows and music Christian listen to. I really want to be an accurate picture of Christ to my kids, family, and friends. Of course I am in process and the Lord is working on many areas. He is so good to take away me and replace it with Him.
My husband and I heard a message by Joshua Harris titled Half a Poison Pill. At least something along those lines. I am glad you mentioned that verse too. We do family movie nights on fridays and the pickings are getting slim.
I did put the link on my blog. And the music sounded great!

EEEEMommy said...

I didn't post the link because the DVD is not yet available. I thought it would be more effective to wait until it is and then post the link.

I definitely agree that Phil. 4:8 should be the standard for whatever we watch, and over the years, the Holy Spirit has challenged me more and more about what I watch and what I read and what I listen to. It's good that He is so patient with us and gracious. All of us who love the Lord Jesus are in the process of sanctification.

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

I honestly didn't even see it, Leanne.

I have a few more thoughts, but I will have to come back...

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry Leanne, I would love to support a family friendly film company. I read the post and then immediately forgot about it because sometimes I only have time to read, and then i move on. I will check it out. Yes, I agree with you about checking what I watch. My sensibilities have become more sensitive over the years. I cannot tolerate so much more than I used to. I think it is a process for a lot of people. Sometimes I don't think we are even aware of what we are doing. It is time to wake up though. It is time to not support the filth Hollywood is making.

Oh, and a BIG CONGRATS ON THE BABY. I am very excited for you. They are all a blessing, not just the first couple as some might think. Large families are great!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I got the link up in my sidebar. I need to do some rearranging on that side bar. I would love a button. Maybe someone can make a button for the sight?

Duckygirl said...

I didn't post a link, mainly because I think all my readers are the same as yours and you probably have more. :) The movie sounds great and I think the Advent Film Group is great. I agree that we should have standards but I do not think that all hollywood movies are bad (take EEEEMommy's blog post today for example) and nobody else has said it yet but,

I like Lost.

and I don't think I'm going against my beliefs (or my conscience) by watching it.

Just my thoughts (I have many).


Anonymous said...

I came to your blog through More Love To Thee (Beka) and when your picture popped up, you look like a girl that used to clean teeth at my dental office??!?! and her name was Leanne, I know and I know she wanted children. Her husband was in the seminary at that time. Anyway I love reading your blog--great insight.

Anonymous said...

Signing is as anonymous so that you don't feel uncomfortable...

My caution to you would be to be careful you do not come across too judgmentally. The word "Pharisee" did come to mind. I think I know your intent, but your delivery is harsh.

I admire your convictions and your intent to protect your children and guard your heart.

Your questions, however, didn't really come across as questions. They came across as judgmental statements.

And for the record, yup. I would watch Lost or 24 with Jesus.

Whether Jesus was watching LOST with one of His children or eating with tax collectors or talking with Samaritan unfaithful divorcees, I'd love to be wherever He is.

Christine said...

I'm still kind of new to the whole blogging thing. I would love to post a link to the site. Is there a way to get a button? I'm just now getting more readers to my blog. I'm going to put a blurb on my sidebar with the link (if I can figure it out). I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings by not posting it sooner.
I'm from a very musical family so I know a thing or 2 about music and I thought the soundtrack was wonderful.

Mandi said...

I hope I am not opening a can of worms here but I just wanted to note to the anonymous commenter that Jesus did not hang out with tax collectors or unfaithful divorcees as a form of entertainment. They needed Him, not entertainment. And furthermore he did not join in with what they were doing but instead ministered to them and spoke truth to them.
Please do not take this as an attack by any means I just wanted to clarify the difference.

I agree with you completely - we really need to support ministries that are out there giving us edifying options in a perverse culture.
Thanks for sharing.

In Him,

Gayle @ thewestiecrew said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back over here, but would you send me your email address?
You can just go to my profile and mine is on there. I can't find yours or I would have just emailed you. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm not the original anonymous but I did want to point at that the content of what you are saying is true. We do need to gaurd what we allow in our minds but your delivery did sound a bit legalistic as do some of your other posts. And legalism is a dangerous place to walk in our Father's name.

heartathome said...

Leanne, thank you for the reminder to use discernment when choosing 'entertainment'. Often times its easy to allow things into our homes through books, magazines, TV or the internet that we would never allow otherwise! And Philipians 4:8 is certainly a most excellent "ruler"!