Monday, July 21, 2008

A Disclaimer

In my post below, I left a link to the fim group's website.

Please be aware that the music for the trailer was not done by my husband. It was not written, composed, or orchestrated in any way, shape, or form by Dave.

My husband just told me that it was an old trailer and it was made in the beginning of production.

To hear an excerpt of the original music written, composed and orchestrated by my husband, please follow the link on Advent's site to my husband's website.



Rebeca said...

How exciting for you! So glad you were all able to go to the premier! Blessings, Rebeca

heartathome said...

I am so very thrilled the premier went so well!!! What a very marvelous evening it must have been and you surely are bursting at the seams with delight over your husband and his gifts! What a very memorable time for the Clan! Much love!

heartathome said...

P.S. He actually really LIKES the shower curtain!!! Yeah, it gets to stay! Now you need one:)