Monday, July 21, 2008

Our weekend

Hi ladies!!

I had a wonderful weekend!

First though, let me say a huge THANK YOU for all of your supportive, encouraging comments as I announced that I'm pregnant! I was gone this weekend, and didn't get to post or log on, so when I did this morning, I was overwhelmed and flabbergasted! 17 comments!!!! Wow! I read all of them, and I'm trying to reply to all of them too. It makes this wonderful thing that God has done for us even more special when there's support and kind words, instead of frowns and ridicule.

You gals are great!

On to another subject....

Many of you knew that my husband was working on a feature film this spring. He composed the music for a film, and it is now officially on DVD!! We got an invitation last week to the premiere in Grants Pass, showing this past Saturday.

My husband is a mailman, and he works on Saturdays!!!!

Dave's producer called him up and really wanted him to be there, so they prayed together about it, because we thought there was no way that we could get away to go to it. We also began to pray as a family that we would be able to go, as my husband was an integral part of the film........

Well, Dave asked his boss early in the week if he thought it was going to be possible to get Saturday off......and he said no. So he asked again if he could just come in really early (6 am) and sort his mail then leave. We didn't know if this was going to happen until Friday after work!! We were set to leave Saturday at noon. Quick timing, huh?

So Dave got home from work at noon and the kids already had the car packed to the very teeth! When the Clan travels, we pack heavy! No packing light for a family of 8!

We were all so excited! Off we went, down the highway on a grand adventure!

The town we were going to was one state south of us, almost to CA!!!! Over 5 hours of driving one way, as the crow flies...

We had no idea where we would stay, so Friday morning, I'm frantically searching the internet for hotels in this city. There were only two hotels with vacancies! And if you've got a big family like I do, and have tried to travel with them, you know you can't book anything online, you have to call.

So we picked out a hotel, I called, and we had a family unit reserved for us.

Meanwhile, Dave's producer had been working behind the scenes, and he called to say we would be hosted by a local couple!! All 8 of us!!!!!!

We were so excited, because this is what we really wanted. We love to stay with local families wherever we go. It's more fun, you get to make life long friends, and you get a flavor for the community much better than staying by yourself in a hotel.

Their house was better than a 5 star hotel! They were such lovely, warm people! It turns out that their ministry is hosting families who come in from out of town....

God wanted us at this premiere!

We had no idea what to expect. We had never done anything like this before! We didn't even know how big the city was that we were going to!

Dave's producer told us that the auditorium in which the premiere was to be held seated 800 people. Okay. We knew there wouldn't be that many people.....

May I say that we pushed the envelope as far as speed was concerned? I won't try to justify it, but suffice it to say that we left our town at almost 1 pm, and the premiere started at 6:30......we were going to sail in at just the right time, and we did.

We got there and went right we got in the doors, people were milling about, and a couple of the cast and crew were on hand, as well as Dave's producer. Dave stood with the cast members, chatted with them and got to know them better. Everyone felt like they knew each other anyway, having worked on the same film for months on end.

Then it was time to go get seated, and since we stayed out in the foyer meeting and greeting for so long, we almost didn't get a seat!

All 800 seats were packed, and there were even people standing in the back!!!

We watched the film. We loved the film.

After the film, there was a Q&A time, and the audience was very gracious with their praise and their applause.....I mean, the applause went on and on and on! It was as good as a standing ovation, which some people actually did stand!

My husband had an opportunity to tell how he got involved in the film and how a mailman from a small, no account town came to be composing for movies. He gave quite an inspirational talk. He encouraged the audience to reach high, and to strive to obtain their dreams.

When the audience left, the cast/crew went out to a local pizza restaurant, and then we followed our host couple to their gracious home out in the country...........

And the rest is history!

The movie garnered an extremely favorable response.

I want you all to do something for me. I would be ever so privileged if you would post a link to the film group's site on your blog, so that we can generate even more publicity for the film.

On the site you will read all about Advent Film Group's mission, their goals, and the people behind the group. You'll also learn about the film, and there is a link to my husband's website too, where you can listen to an 8 minute sampling of what will be on the movie soundtrack CD.

Here's the link:

Advent Film Group

If you would please post this link on your blog, we would be immeasurably grateful.

Word of mouth generates a lot of publicity....and we want this film to touch hearts for Jesus!


Marsha Marsha Marsha said...


How very exciting for the whole family and how very proud of your man you should be. God is SO beyond good to always take care of even the smallest of details!

EEEEMommy said...

Wow, how exciting!
You ought to see if they'll give you a few copies of the DVD so that you can do a giveaway. That would really generate some traffic to the site. I checked it out and the trailer looks great (right up my alley), but it doesn't look like the DVD is available yet.

Emily said...

It's cool how his dream is coming true.

Michelle said...

Oh, I wish I knew you were so close to where I live, I would have tried to connect with you. It is such a small friend just loaned me the movie (I think we'll watch it tonight). I had no idea your husband was involved and I had no idea there was a showing in GP....tells you how up I am on current events. Oh well. Congrats to your man, that is quite something that he is accomplishing!

Renata said...

What great news. Congrats! I'll have to follow your link!
Sounds like a really lovely weekend. I love hearing how God provides!