Thursday, July 17, 2014

Diapers Revisited

A while back I did a post on diapers.

I said I had used just about every diaper out there.

I lied.

There was one brand of diaper I hadn't used yet:

I was desperate for diapers one day, and truthfully…..

I was so tired of paying so much money for them!

In my Target Trips, of course I had seen these diapers, but I had had such bad luck with store brand diapers that I was dead set against trying these.

Then I had the Desperate For Diapers day! I was totally out of diapers and didn't want to get the Kirkland brand at Costco, and I wasn't going to pay super tons of money for the Huggies either….

I went to Target because I had been there the day before, and I toughened up and decided to try the UpandUP diapers.

For some reason, I bought a large box.  In retrospect, I wouldn't do that again, since I didn't even know if I was going to like these diapers!

So, I brought them home and tore into them….

And it was love at first feel! 

They were soft.  The tabs were stretchy and really adhered well to the diaper.  They weren't too bulky.

These are the diapers I use now.

There are only two drawbacks to these diapers:

1.  They run very big in size.
      I bought size 3 because the Kirkland diapers in size 2 were too short for Jack. 
         Looking back, I should have bought the size 2 diapers.  The size 3 diaper was
         super saggy on him at that time, so it gapped at the leg……But they still never,
         ever leaked!

2.  They are not very girlie-looking!
      If you care about this sort of thing (and I do), I'd be hesitant to put these blue and
         green polka dot diapers on my girl baby, if I had a girl baby. Yes, I'm weird, and
         I'm okay with that! They work for Jack because they look boyish…..but you
         might want to consider this when buying for a girl baby.
         I think the manufacturer needs to make a more neutral pattern
         on these diapers.

Those are the only two things that I object to about this diaper.  

They're good on Jack now because he's gotten taller, so they don't sag anymore.  They're still pretty big on the waist, but I just pull the tabs to meet in the middle and he's good.  We've never had one leak during the night with these diapers.  He always wakes up dry.  

I probably could still fit Jack into the size 2, but I like that the size 3 is taller for Jack.  He is super long and these fit his height very well.

Now you know about the diaper that I'm using!! 


Erin said...

Hey, we finally agree on a diaper brand! ;) When Emery was a baby, the Target brand diapers were HORRIBLE. They were so puffy and thick, and that was even BEFORE they were filled with pee. So awful. I reluctantly bought a box last month when Target was out of Luv's, and I was pleasantly surprised that these have been revamped over the last four years! I loooooove that they are so big and long for my big, long babies--ha! Probably won't be going back to my beloved Luv's after this pleasant discovery. :)

(Who would have thought I'd have so much to say about diapers...;)

csbwhite said...

I love diaper chatter. Target is ok, I guess. Nothing about them made me want some more. Pampers smell funny to me. Luvs are yuck. Walmart are thumbs down, so are Meijers. Aldi daipers are pretty good. Sams clubs are very, very good. Huggies are the best! I also use cloth (prefolds), but disposables are better. I know, I know, I'm supposed to rave about cloth. Sorry, possies just do the job. :)