Tuesday, July 15, 2014

6 Months!

Jack is 6 months old!

Actually, to be totally accurate, he turned 6 months on July 3rd, which happened to be his daddy's birthday too..so he's now over 6 months old, but I just missed posting about him on the actual day!


Jack really is the sweetest and most mellow baby.  God be praised! The Lord totally had me in mind when He destined Jack to be in our family.  I couldn't ask for a more calm or darling boy.  

Since I'm now 41, I think I'm enjoying having small children and babies much more than when I was younger.  It could be that I'm more experienced as a mama.  Maybe it's because I'm more laid back.  Maybe it's because I've grown and matured and am just a different person than I was when my oldest kids were little…

Whatever it is, I'm enjoying this phase of my life to its fullest!

He's really progressing by leaps and bounds these days.  It makes me sad, and happy too! He can now sit up by himself, although he's mostly always sitting on the couch because we have hardwood floors throughout our house and he's still a bit wobbly on his buns! It's the cutest thing to see him sitting all by himself.  He looks like he is so proud of himself!

Jack has two bottom teeth now!! And what adorable, teenie things they are! He's been my best teether so far, not freaking out or fussy at all.  I mean, you can tell he's uncomfortable, but he isn't really a baby who freaks out at all about anything.  I do think he's got more teeth coming up, so we'll see!

His sleeping patterns are really even and he's very regular about sleep.  He's still waking up twice at night, at about 2 AM and between 5-6 AM.  He goes down around 10 or 10:30 PM.  He takes three naps a day still, and he's a really sound sleeper.  Even though Jack isn't sleeping through the night, I'm so glad he's at least a sound sleeper and I know that a full night of sleep will return to me someday!!

Jack's personality is just the best.  It really is.  Everyone always comments on how good-natured he is.  He smiles all of the time and he's really easy to please.  Yes, he does cry, but his cry is so small and he's not a fussy or freak-out baby at all.  His hysterical is totally NOT very hysterical! Mama continues to be his favorite and all I have to do is look at him and he breaks into radiant smiles! He isn't a big laugher, but just this week he's practicing fake laughing! It's so funny! 

It's hard to pin down the size he wears….it's different for different brands! He can still wear 3-6 month onesies. He wears 6-9 month jeans because of the length, but they end up slipping off of him because his waist is so slim!  He's a long baby!! He wears 3 month shorts.  I'm trying to get him to wear hats, but so far, it's a losing proposition! He also hates socks.  He's wearing size 3 diapers, although the size 2 Kirkland diapers still fit him, they're just too short. I switched to UpandUp from Target and I love them! He's really tall and skinny, just like his older brother and his daddy!

This face greets me every single morning.  I will never cease to be amazed at the good gift that God gave to me in this boy.

This picture perfectly depicts Jack's personality.  He's just so joyful! He brings happiness to everyone he meets and my heart and soul is more in love with him every single day!

Happy 6 month birthday, Jack!!!


Tesha Papik said...

Oh my goodness he is 100% pure sweetness!!! I can't believe he is six months old!?! Our baby boys are going up way to fast! I LOVE that we both posted about waking up to our babies at the same time;) I agree that I enjoy Julian so much as an older mom now if I could just enjoy 3 yikes 3 year old boys are a handful;/ Not our baby boys though they will be sweet and easy forever! So glad you are still in baby bliss 6 month later. Love you friend and miss you also.

Erin said...

That last picture is BEYOND adorable!!! Your love for him just leaps from this post. Good Mommy. :)