Sunday, June 8, 2014


Today has been a splendid day.

This day marks the last day of my husband's two week vacation.

The weather has amazingly cooperated to enwreath us in golden sunshiney days with an abundant, arching blue sky to smile benevolently over the long days.  Each day's bolstering breeze blew through our thriving green garden with such sweetness, one would think it was the very breath of God! 

As I nursed Jack over this two week sojourn, everything seemed a bit more joyful inside of me.  As I gazed through indebted eyes at the ivory curve of breast against my sweet, small son's softly curved cheek, I found myself resting more fully.  Drinking in the velvety, dark curl of his lashes, contentment rose up within me.

This is where God's will is found for me, right here in the seemingly mundane.

You know, my foot may slip a bit and my heart may grow faint and overwhelmed.  My strength may momentarily desert me and flag slightly as I walk along this daunting road of motherhood, but I find myself more steadfast on this day, and into the coming days, because of this:

"If I say 'my foot slips,' 
Your mercy, O Lord
will hold me up.
In the multitude
of my anxieties
within me,
Your comforts 
delight my soul!"
Psalm 94:18

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Kathryn said...

You write beautifully, with such imagery and descriptive words. :)