Thursday, June 5, 2014

Right Now

Right now I'm…….

Seeing: My computer screen

Hearing: I'm hearing the hum of the fans in our room, the younger girls' room and the living room.  They cool our house in the evenings and help some of the children to sleep!

Smelling: I'm smelling Tangy Tangerine, my vitamin drink that I have every morning, and Valor, the Young Living Essential oil that I put on this morning.  It's kind of a cedar smell and it's a blend that helps me so much with anxiety and being calm.

Tasting: My vitamin drink!

Needing: I'm really needing Jack to sleep every night for longer than three hours! Last night he slept 5 and a half hours! I'm so proud of him!

Wanting: I'm desperately wanting my favorite coffee drink and a big, juicy burger with everything on it! Lately I've been craving calories and fat because I don't think I'm getting enough of either. My diet is regrettably sparse and this is bad because I'm nursing and I need those calories to make good, rich milk for Jack.

Regretting: Not being able to get my hair cut last month.  But I'll try today to make an appointment with my amazing hair girl for next week.  It's hard to get in with her because she only works certain days.  I love my hair cuts with Amanda!

Wishing: For a bigger house. We're a large family packed into a very small house. This was fine when everyone was small, but now that we have quite a few teens and young adults, it's really, REALLY tight around here!

Thinking: I'm thinking about how hard the Teen Years are for me to navigate! I thought the Toddler Years could be hard.  I don't believe in the old adage of the "Terrible Two's" at all.  We never struggled with that time period, but I'm finding out that the Teen Years are very, very challenging for me, especially with so many girls! 

Laughing: I'm laughing about how funny and adorable Pennie is when I try to teach her how to wiggle her eyebrows up and down! It makes me so happy to think of her trying to do that! She involves her whole face in the lesson!

Recovering: From another terrible bout with a cold/allergies, in which I've lost my voice again for the second time in two months! I've had a cold or allergies every single month since the end of December.  UGH! I'm mostly over it but I still can't talk very well and I still cough terribly at the worst times, like in the middle of the night and in the early morning.

Believing: I'm *trying* to believe that the situation with our van will be solved soon.  It's been sitting out in the driveway for almost 15 months now, totally dead.  As we've saved up the money we've had our mechanic working on it, and the last time he was here was the first week of April.  We haven't seen or heard from him since, which is very odd and not normal. He's a very reliable Christian man. We haven't had a vehicle in which we can all travel as a family for that long!

Anticipating: We're gearing up to do some major things to our house in August! 

Dreaming: Aside from dreaming about food, I'm dreaming about having a newer, reliable car that is clean and in very good condition.

Praying: I'm praying for my children.  I'm praying for good friends of ours who need a good job so that the mama can stay home with her toddler boy and have more babies and be a housewife.  I'm praying that God would direct my husband's path in the next few months and that I'll have the courage to follow him.

Singing: I keep singing (in my head, since I have no voice) "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" from the musical "Evita".  My favorite rendition is performed by Nicole Scherzinger (whom I absolutely DO NOT endorse at all usually).  

Wearing: I'm wearing a gray and blue striped maxi skirt and a dark gray tank top.

Remembering: I'm remembering my daughter Samantha when she was small and I'm marveling that she's almost 16 now.  I'm wondering where all of that time went.

Trying: I'm trying to be more joyful and happy and smile more.  I'm not a joyful and light person, but it makes my husband happy, so I've resolved to try harder in that area.  I'm also trying not to procrastinate so much.

Questioning: I'm questioning the Lord an awful lot lately as to where He wants us in the next two years.  He sure is quiet about it!

Fearing: I'm fearing these grueling Teen Years! Right now I have a 19 year old son who's pretty much an adult now.  I have three teen girls now, and I'm beginning to think I just need to tighten up my seatbelt and hang on! 

Loving: I'm loving my new bedding! And I'm loving Jack too….

Working: Working on a list of ideas for the posts I'm going to do in the next 31 days.

Choosing: To keep my mouth shut more often.

Emailing: I've been emailing my dear and wonderful choir director about songs that I'd love to do, and that she thinks I can do, for Opera Workshop this Fall.

Suffering: Itchy skin.  Not being able to sing.  Cravings.  

Recognizing: I'm recognizing how much maintenance the Christian walk requires.

Practicing: Patience.  Joy.  Long-suffering.  Being teachable.

Smiling: I'm smiling because my life is so awesome.  I'm smiling because I have so much to live for.

What are YOU doing right now?

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