Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

I'm jumping on the regular Friday Favorites bandwagon!

I've tried some new things lately that I want to blog about.  They're totally random, and in no specific order.

These are my all time favorite chips! Really! The combination may sound weird, but they're incredibly light and crisp and they really don't taste like sweet potatoes.  They're a bit grainy and they're also gluten/wheat free.  They taste wonderful with salsa and guacamole and ranch and probably just about whatever else I can think of to put on them!

This is my kind of ice cream! Now, in my last post I mentioned that I'm lactose intolerant, so I very, very rarely eat ice cream.  I think I have ice cream about once a month, if that.  This is the ice cream I usually have and I only eat about 1/4 of the pint before I give it to one of my girls.  We're usually a Breyer's family because we like to eat as natural as possible.  But I really love Haagen Dazs for flavors like vanilla, coffee and this one!

I simply adore fresh guacamole, but sometimes I don't have avocados or they aren't ripe or I'm in a hurry, and this ready-made version of guacamole is pretty good.  It's smooth and rich and garlicky and I love that.  I love it spread on turkey slices or on corn taco quesadillas! MMM!

Just so this list of favorites isn't totally devoted to food…..I bought this eyeshadow a few months ago and I guess I was too afraid to use it back then, but now, I love its color on my eyes! I have green eyes that can be olive green or light green with an orange or brown rim around my pupil and I picked this color for contrast.  It isn't as dark as it looks, and this Perfect Pastel line of Maybelline eyeshadow is a good choice if you don't want to wear the super pigmented eyeshadows out there.  It's a nice enhancement on my lid!

I recently tried kombucha and let me tell you, I got hooked! This is my favorite brand of kombucha, but the strawberry is pretty good too.  Kombucha is like a mega dose of nutrients, enzymes, probiotics and taste all wrapped up in a drink! It's a superb replacement for soda, and many people have testified that drinking kombucha actually cured them of a soda addiction! Kombucha is also a liver detoxifier and it can be a pretty powerful one at that.  I noticed that even though I loved it, my skin started to itch badly and I noticed some other signs that it was doing its job, and since I'm nursing, I decided to quit the kombucha because all of my toxins were pouring in to my breast milk and Jack was NOT a happy camper! Poor guy had some really bad tummy aches! I'm looking forward to getting back on the kombucha wave after I'm done nursing.  If you're pregnant or nursing and would like to try kombucha, I advise caution and drinking just a bit for the reasons listed above.

So, I hope you all had a great Friday!!! 

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