Thursday, June 19, 2014

God Is

I was cleaning out an old folder that I had tucked into a nook in the kitchen and as I was sorting through the papers and scraps and notes and tidbits, I noticed a rubber-banded bundle and I absently set it aside….

I would see that little bundle during the days and it would whisper to me and call to me to sort through it, but the busy of the days and the absent minded moments got the better of me…

This morning I finally sifted through the small papers and shards of notes written in times past.  They all had to do with scriptures that I had read several years ago, most of them from back in 2008 or further out….

How my soul was glad to rediscover these tiny jewels! How I delighted and rejoiced over the rich and wise words that I found, and still find, to be water to my dry soul and firm ground for my uncertain feet!

Here's one of the things I wrote lo, those many days ago:

God Is My….

Trust, escape, strong habitation, rock, fortress, safety, deliverance, hope, upholder, praise, strong refuge, help, righteousness, salvation, strength, power, comfort, redeemer, and truth!! 

And this was all encompassed in Psalm 71! ALL of those wonderful, settling things were woven throughout just one passage of scripture!

I'm not at all a packrat and for the most part, I don't tend toward sentimentality, but I'm so very delighted that I saved all of my past notes scribbled on note cards, hastened on paper scraps, and jotted on my most favorite of recipients, the lowly index card!

Here's the portion of Psalm 71 that particularly jumped out at me back then, and still does today:

"But I will hope continually
and will praise You yet more and more!
My mouth shall tell of Your righteousness
and Your salvation all the day
for I do not know their limits!
I will go in the strength of the Lord God~
I will make mention of Your righteousness,
of Yours only!"
Psalm 71:14-16

This week, I plan on going through the wealth of all of those notes written in a different time in my life.  I plan on leafing through the gems of knowledge and soaking in the truths of the words of the Lord!

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