Thursday, September 26, 2013


I just logged in to my blog and I looked at the little Pregnancy Ticker on the sidebar there.....

And it said "91 Days To Go"!


Wait, no....wait!!


In the first half of this pregnancy, I felt like it was crawling along at a snail's pace.  I knew my due date would never, never get here!! I thought that I could just drag my feet and postpone getting this necessary thing or that essential item.....

But whoa! 

91 Days is Not That Long!!

I feel like I'm in a Radio Flyer wagon, one of the old metal ones, and I'm poised at the top of a very steep hill.  I'm holding on, white knuckled, to the handle of the wagon, and it's starting to go down the hill.  I'm picking up speed, faster and faster, and there's no brakes on the wagon! 

We NEED a new crib! And the bedding that I have chosen for said crib! We need Baby Boy Burp Rags! We need Baby Boy Blankets! We need small diapers! We need onesies and baby wash cloths and baby lotion and.....and....and.....

And when Daddy notices that we really need to kick the preparations for Baby Boy into High Gear, that's serious business!! 

You all know how fast time flies.  You know how quickly 3 months will pass.  


I want to be totally prepared for Baby Boy.  I feel so much more centered and so much more even and peaceful when everything's ready and I can go touch his blankies and hats and socks.  It grounds me and helps me to think of the end result of all of this work and racing and journeying and running.  It gives me something to focus on other than Labor and Delivery.

We also need to transition Pennie into the girls' room.....and that room is infested with Black Mold! Mattresses are compromised.  The outside facing wall is soiled.  We need to get it taken care of before Pennie moves in.  We need a toddler bed! We need to adjust bedtime for the older girls who sleep in that room, because Pennie goes to bed a lot earlier than they do, and it works now because she sleeps in our room, in her (falling apart) crib! Daddy usually has Crazy Time with the girls when he goes in to pray with them.  He's in charge of bed time and he usually gets really crazy and wild with them.....and that's not going to work if Pennie is in there too, and she can't be staying up till 10:45 every night!!!

My head just swirls with all that needs to be done.  I have so many fragmented thoughts of what to do first, and I try to grab on to the pieces to form a coherent list, and they continue to escape me!!!!

I think Pennie's Transition should be Number One on the list.


We received a Target gift card in the mail from some dear friends of ours who live up North of here, and we're saving it to put toward the crib that I have picked out, but we need a bit more finances first for that, not to mention the bedding.  Here's a look at the crib:

The Crib

I tried to post the picture of the crib, but it won't let me! I tried a couple of different things but still no picture.  It's at's the Delta S Series 4-in-1 Crib in Chocolate.  It's a sleigh style in a rich, dark wood tone.  We haven't had a new crib for our babies for several years and Pennie's crib is just literally falling apart and won't work for Baby Boy.  

I picked out bedding for Baby Boy too.  It's a vintage bicycle theme and it's in reds and grays and's divine.  It's custom made and I'll get it on Etsy.  I'll contact the gal in December who will make it.  It is totally delicious and so cute.  I'm not sure if I can post a sample of the fabrics, as that may be copyright infringement....but you can go  here to see Baby Boy's bedding.  The nursery that this gal put together is a dream.....I've always wanted a big master bedroom with a small room off to the side to fix up for a nursery....but, that isn't possible in this house.  But I adore the bedding she used and I'm going to have the gal who made it make ours too, and ours will be a bit different.  

We still have $149.00 to go to be able to get our crib, and we're praying that the Lord will bless us! He knows we NEED a new crib.  I usually sleep with our new baby on my chest for the first couple of weeks, and if the crib isn't purchased and set up by then, that's what I'll do.  

Thank you so much, all of you out there reading this post, for praying for us.  The main prayers right now is for finances to do everything that NEEDS to be done before Baby Boy gets here:

  1. Fix the Mold Problem in the girls' room, so that we can put a toddler bed in there for Pennie.
  2. Finances to get everything we need for Baby Boy.
  3. I need some maternity/nursing jammies desperately.  Like, REALLY BAD!
  4. We also have a Mold Problem in our room, on the wall that faces outside.  That needs to be fixed before Baby Boy gets here too.

We appreciate every single one of you, my prayer warriors.  We have seen, time and time again, that God makes a way where there just seems, to our human eyes, to be no way at all.  He has continuously boggled my mind and brought me to my knees in grateful thanks at what He has done and continues to do.  Our journey to holding this Baby Boy in our arms is not over yet and so, please....

We appreciate your continued prayers for all of these things!

Thank you!!!


Tesha Papik said...

I remember feeling the same way a few months ago, it seemed impossible to get it all done and finance it. We are two weeks away and I think it will all be done God is good!:)! Praying for supernatural finances and creative solutions to get it all done.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Ugh! And here I am needing desperately to clear out all my baby boy gear!!! Sooooo much of it! But to post to you from here is exorbartant!!! I just had a look! ...I DO hope you get all needed,We are promised that we will have all we need...xo

Susie White said...

We had a mold issue on our bedroom wall. We found that a space heater was all it took to fix the problem. Mold loves to grow on moisture, dust, dirt, and coupled with lack of circulation, it will spread. The mattress were up against the wall, I assume? Clean the walls with bleach and water and buy a space heater. The heat will keep the walls free of any moisture.