Tuesday, September 10, 2013

6 Months!!

I'm 6 months pregnant!!

Actually, I hit the 6 month mark yesterday.

We couldn't take a 6 month picture because our camera battery seems to be missing, but my Bump hasn't changed much in a few weeks. 

I had been thinking that this pregnancy was sure dragging by super slow and then yesterday I was talking to my dear friend on the phone and all of a sudden I realized I'm suddenly 6 months pregnant and I also realized that suddenly this pregnancy is flying by!!

I've been home from the hospital for three weeks and I am realizing that the way of life for me now is complete exhaustion and not being able to do hardly anything.  That's my New Normal and it's okay with me! I mean, hey, three weeks ago I died and was miraculously brought back to life and my baby boy was saved also, and hey, I'm super glad just to be here and breathing! I'm not going to get all cheesy and emotional on you, but really, every day I wake up and realize what an incredible gift every day really is!

So, here are my stats for 24 weeks/6 months:

Baby's size: He's a large papaya baby now! He weighs a pound and is at least 12 inches long.....however, considering the fact that my husband is 6 feet 7 inches tall, and from all of the ultrasounds I've been having, he's probably a bit taller!!

Movement? Ohhhh yes, definitely!! I'm feeling a great deal of very strong movements. In fact, I can pretty much tell what part of his body it is with each nudge and bump! He's really, really low and he's transverse and I think I can tell what's what when I get kicked or nudged or poked! The girls have been able to feel him move and we can also see my tummy rocking and rolling!

Maternity clothes? Ummm...heck yeah! I'm only wearing maternity now and it's all so comfortable.  I'm living in Old Navy over-the-belly light cotton skirts and T shirts.  The skirt is my favorite item of clothing right now, and you have the option of either wearing them over-the-belly or folding the top down for under the belly.  I prefer over-the-belly myself. Here's a link to My favorite skirt.

How much weight gained: When I got out of the hospital I had actually lost weight, over three pounds, and I don't think I've gained it back.  I don't feel like I'm gaining any weight at all, and this is OKAY with me!! 

Gender of baby: Of course we know he's a boy, and he is still DEFINITELY a boy! I still can't believe we're really having a boy after so long.

Baby's name: We have had his name picked out for a while now, but we aren't sharing it with others yet, until he's born.  I just want to cherish it in my heart, and I say his name a lot because it flows like wonderful music to me! 

Cravings: Still Mexican food and my awesome coffee drinks! Occasionally I'll crave the breakfast thing, but most of the time it's still Mexican food.  Lately I've also been craving popsicles and Haagen Daaz mango sorbet.

Missing: I'm not missing a single thing, truthfully.  It's too awesome to be a walking miracle sheltering a tiny miracle!

Looking forward to: My next perinatologist appointment in two weeks.  I simply love seeing Baby Boy each time.  Also I always look forward to seeing my awesome midwife and I'll see her in two weeks too! On another note, I'm looking forward to the Bathroom Saga being totally completed!!

So, those are all of the things I can think of.  


Tesha Papik said...

Yeaa so happy for you!!!

Erin said...

Happy six months to you and baby! I've been loving those Old Navy skirts, too. Anything stretchy and comfy, really. ;) I remember shopping for maternity clothes during my first pregnancy when I was still teaching, and I had to buy all kinds of dressy ensembles. This time around, I head straight for the "lounge wear" section of the store--ha! ;)

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Yay! All good things to hear about...Look after you x