Thursday, September 19, 2013


We're getting closer to the bathroom remodel being done!!

Slowly but surely, it's almost done!

Daddy has to work on it in his free time, and most of the time he works 12 hour days, 6 days a week, thus the "slowly but surely" time frame.  

I'm really happy that all of the painting is done and that we have a secure and very good floor! The linoleum is in the process of being put in, which is what Daddy is working on now, when he can.  

I was not so sure about the wall color I chose, although I loved it on the paint chip and in all of the different lighting under which I tested the color.  I matched the paint color to my shower curtain, which I love.....but I didn't match it to the shower tiles or the linoleum! Needless to say, when the guys were here working last week, I was really nervous that I had made a $40 mistake with the paint color. I didn't want to have to have Daddy take it back.  But once it went on, I was so happy to see that it actually complements the tiles and the linoleum! I wonder how often that happens.

We still can't take a shower due to a hairline opening in the bathtub/wall that got miscalculated when the sheetrock was being measured and cut, and Daddy isn't sure what to do about it to seal it and protect the brand new sheetrock from getting damp and wet and rotten again.  It's not an opening that can just be caulked and forgotten. So, that's his next puzzle.  

We're kind of feeling the pressure to step up the pace and finish the bathroom soon, as we want to be all ready for Baby Boy's arrival in 3 months.  We have a couple of other things on our schedule too, along with the finishing the bathroom.  We want to transition Pennie to a toddler bed in the girls' room, and we are also trying to save up for a new crib for Jack, and that means that Daddy also has to put that together!

Busy times around here, but it's good!!!


Erin said...

Glad things are moving forward! Can't wait to see pics!

Tesha Papik said...

I have no toilet right now;/ Well there is one in our back house but is a long walk at night and it dirty;( SO yep I fell your pain. We decided to just do the floor because of how close the baby is to coming. hope you get it all done!:)!