Monday, August 5, 2013


I guess this post could be considered another Bumpdate, without all of the stats I normally do with an update.

Earlier today I had a routine 20 week ultrasound.  It's just a normal part of my midwife's protocol, just so she can have all of her i's dotted and her t's crossed.  I was happy to have another ultrasound, because I never get tired of seeing Baby! Also, my midwife's ultrasound machine is pretty ancient, although it does get the job done.  I had had many, many ultrasounds at the office I went to today, so I knew their technology was really advanced and I knew I'd get to see clearer pictures of our Baby.

Upon entering the exam room, the gal, whom I've had so many times before, asked me if I wanted to know the gender, and I told her I already knew that our baby is a girl, due to the fact that I'd already had a few ultrasounds.  I couldn't wait to see her again!!!

So, I laid down on the table and she gooped the gel on my belly, and away we went!

And you can't imagine the first thing that popped up on the screen!

She said, "Ummm, this DEFINITELY is NOT a girl!!!"

And I said, "Excuse me?"

She said, "IT'S A BOY!"

And needless to say, I was totally shocked! I had to do a double-triple take!

She showed me what she was looking at, and lo and behold, it was definitely very well defined BOY PARTS!

 I couldn't believe it! I cried! I was so surprised! 

She looked several times and it was very clear that our baby is a BOY!!!!!

And now, several hours later, I'm still shocked.  

I've had to totally re-order my brain.  

The crate of baby girl clothes that's sitting in my room? We won't need them now.  The girl car seat/stroller combo that we have? Nope.  Can't use it.  The flowered bedding for the crib that I picked out? Uh-uh.  Now we'll have to start all over again! We literally have not one thing for a boy! And my mind is going 100 mph about what we need and what we don't have......

I don't even have a blue sock!

But you know what?? I'm so happy! It was such a happy surprise for me.  I thought for sure that we were not going to have another boy ever again.  I thought I'd never get to have tiny little jeans and cute little plaid shirts and corduroy overalls ever again.  

Now I need restraint! Now I need prayer that I won't go absolutely insane with shopping sprees at Gymboree! Because everyone who knows me knows that I'm a Gymboree FREAK!

And the best news about the whole thing is that he's absolutely thriving.  He's incredibly healthy and so incredibly active and he looks perfect, every bone and every nook and cranny! I have been thanking the Lord all day for this new surprise and just crying at the drop of a hat! The ultrasound tech gave me several pictures of him, and there's a couple of his Boy Parts, and one is a close-up......I keep looking at it and marveling that we're really having a BOY!

I took Sofia, who's 7, with me today as kind of a Date Day, and I let her pick the place where she wanted to eat lunch, and she picked Wendy's.  Before we went there, I told Sofia I needed to go back home and call Daddy (I don't have a cell phone) to see where he was so I could drive madly over to him (he's a mailman) and show him the pictures of our Baby Boy. I had just left the ultrasound place and was driving down the street away from there and I happened to see a mail truck on the side of the street. I looked in it as I was driving by and much to my surprise, it was Daddy! So, I executed the fastest and most perfect U-turn and jumped out of the car.  I ran across the street with the pictures of our Baby Boy flapping in the wind, and just as I got onto the curb he came walking out of the business he had just delivered to! I saw him and screamed "IT'S A BOY!" He probably jumped about a foot!! The last thing he was expecting was me, running like a madwoman up to him and screaming! I showed him the pictures and he just laughed and laughed! He did shed a little tear too! 

So, there's my recap of the biggest and most joyous surprise of my day! Please, don't get me wrong here, I was super ecstatic when I thought we were having a girl.  I was just as happy.  But it IS super nice to finally have another boy after 18 years!! I'm not going to reveal his name yet.....I want to savor it in my heart for awhile! 

And now, I need to shift my mind to blue things and boy things and jeans and sneakers and boy hats!!!!


Tesha Papik said...

What???!!! I am shocked, I can not believe it!!! What a surprise:):):) I was told my first was a girl and had a pink shower and everything so I totally get the feelings and confusion. I am so happy for you and I know the boys in your house must be happy to be adding to their numbers:) I hope everyone around you blesses your socks off with baby boy stuff!

Susan said...

So so happy for you. It had only been 7 years for me since my last girl and I was so excited. I can only imagine how excited you are after 18 years. What great news.

Renata said...

Leanne this is wonderful!!!!! I am so excited for you & even though I know you would be equally as excited with a precious girl, a boy will be wonderful too!!!
I loved the story of you telling your hubby :)
Keep well & praising God that all is going well with you & bub!

Kathryn said...

I'm doing the ugly cry...I'm SO happy you are having a boy. When I first heard you were PG again, I was so hoping this one would be a little boy. You made my day. I'm with you though...a little girl would have been delicious too! :)Can't wait to find out his name. :) So excited for you, and happy to hear the little guy is doing so well!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Funny I am less surprised as when you announced last post it was a girl I was abit shocked as I got the 'feeling" it was a boy! And I am good at the whole 'got a feelin" thing! lol!!!
So thrilled for you either way and glad he is growing into the strapping lad he will soon enough be. If you were in Australia You would be set 100 times over as I have soooo much boy things needing a new home that welcomes all the little things I find it so hard to part with...All the best,Look forward to some bump pic's.

Gottjoy! said...

Best "gender finding out story" ever!

The Pauls' Family said...

Wow!!! That's so exciting!!!!!

Kathryn said...

I DO have your email address, and I WILL email you soon! Got a busy week, but next week will be better. :)