Thursday, August 29, 2013


We've been remodeling our bathroom.

Husband decided that the week I was in the hospital, our son would start tearing our bathroom apart.

And when I came home, the serious work began.  He and his good friend tore out the floor and the tub and the toilet.

Now, this is our only bathroom......and I had just gotten out of the hospital after three days.  

They placed our old toilet out the back door under the overhang, unplugged and not even hooked up, so I could go potty in that.

Yeah, seriously.

This is a true story!

Super fun.

They put the new plywood floor down last week.  That enabled them to put the new toilet and bathtub in last Saturday.  So, we've been able to go in a real toilet that's inside!!! And now we aren't scared to death that one of us is going to go plunging through the once-rotten floor!

Yep, that was our reality!

Now the floor is solid and new and ready for flooring.  The toilet is wonderful.

My son has spent the last two days ripping out the 60 year old sheetrock in the bathroom.  There was never any insulation in the walls, so in the winter it was always freezing in there, and the ceramic tiles we previously had were always icy cold.  The only insulation was in the ceiling, and it was shredded up newspaper that dissolved over the last 60 years into a thick dust-like cloud.  

And that's been piled up in the bathroom for the past day.

Dear Lord, my lungs......

So, not only is my bathroom a wreck, but my house is filthy too! We've never done any remodeling before, so this is new to us, not being able to keep the house clean.

My hardwood floors are filthy.  My room is filthy and disheveled due to the fact that the old vanity drawers never got unloaded and taken away to the dump with the old vanity....and we don't have a new vanity yet, not until the new insulation, sheetrock and painting is done.  So those drawers are stacked up in my room, along with everything else that had a home in the bathroom.

Here are a couple of pictures of my room, unadultered and taken before the maid got here.....LOL.
The dressers
The bed
The crib and changing table side of the room.

The closet area

Yeah, I'm a tiny bit overwhelmed right now!!

Think we're ready for our Better Homes and Gardens Beautiful Home tour yet??

Yeah, me neither.  It's obvious that I need help!!

I wouldn't have chosen this unexpected upheaval time in our lives to demolish and remodel our only bathroom, but it desperately needed to be done.

Don't ask me when it's going to be finished!

Now I have to pick out paint to match my shower curtain, which bewilders me a bit because I want to make the best choice! My dear friend told me to take my shower curtain with me in a zippy bag and match paint chips that way.


Without further ado, I give you......

Our gutted bathroom!
The ceiling.

The view looking in through the door.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but you get the idea.  We haven't gutted the shower area yet, so that's surrounded by a makeshift wall protector of shower curtains! Picture a shower surround made of thin plastic shower curtains that, when you shower, stick to you and you constantly have to shove them off! BUT we have a new shower head and faucet and it's really nice......I'll be super glad when there's new sheetrock and it's all painted!

Yes, I'm sympathize with me, okay??


I hope the "after" pictures will be able to be posted very, very soon!

Stay tuned!


Tesha Papik said...

OH gosh that must be so difficult to deal with right now. we also have a Bathroom(only bathroom)that is in desperate need of repair. I seriously worry the tub could fall through the floor. My husband has been wanting to do it but I do not think I can handle the mess so close to the baby. Maybe after Christmas. Well saying a prayer that you get you house back in order soon.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Oh Leanne,If only you could see my fb page it is full of these shots and like you we are living through it with kids,Gladly for this part 3 stage I am not pregnant for once :)
I am a cluttered house cluttered mind kind a gal so I am struggling and lets say the house was less than well organised and too full to start with so it is challenging every part of my being! We are about 6-8 weeks from done though I hope!!!! It will be wonderful for you once finished,rome wasn't built in a day!I just keep telling myself...

Erin said...

Oh goodness, what a project, especially with you being pregnant! I've been feeling overwhelmed with moving while pregnant, too, but a sweet friend told me that maybe it's better to add chaos to chaos for awhile, and then, when all the chaos subsides at once, it will then be time for a season of peace and quiet. Here's hoping, right?!?! ;)