Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Ramble

I'm still here!!!

I've looked at my blog every day for the past week and realized I haven't posted in many days, but the truth is.......

What I have to say is just My Life.

Who wants to read about My Life?

I know most bloggers blog because they want to keep a record for their kids or because they don't want to forget this-and-that, but I blog because I like to write.  I have a million things running around in my head.....I just like to write.  

But I haven't written in a long time.

I have said I want to post pictures but just don't know where they all are.....

Truthfully, who really wants to read about My Life?

My Life isn't exciting.

I'm a homeschool mom of a big family who is conservative but not legalistically fundamental.  I like to cook.  I have lots of girls.  I'm pregnant for the 15th time.  I live in a small house.  I'm married to a long-time mailman.  I'm a singer.  I'm an introvert but am an extrovert with my Circle of Friends.  I love coffee drinks.  I love Mexican food.  I'm a closet Foodie.

None of that sounds very exciting.

To be honest, all of the things that I love and enjoy and need and want to do have gotten lost due to extreme exhaustion and health troubles.  I have forgotten who The Real Me is.  The exhaustion and every complication that comes with that has swallowed up The Real Me.

It has taken a near-death experience for both me and Baby Boy to realize that I needed help.

To make a long story short, I nearly died last Saturday night.  And so did Baby Boy.  I woke up many, many hours later in the ICU at a very, very good hospital an hour away from my home, on a respirator and with tubes and wires connecting to every space available on my body.  I spent three days in the hospital with my husband and some of the best doctors in the country, getting help.  

The Lord performed a Double Miracle for me and Baby Boy.

And I'm going to be okay.....and Baby Boy is going to be okay, but now, I have to try to remember who The Real Me is.

On a side note, if it hadn't been for the paramedics and the doctors who treated me and helped me, I and Baby Boy probably would not be here today writing this.  The American Medical Profession is very good for many things.  And on occasion, prescription medication is just plain necessary and unavoidable.......However......

We also believe in a naturopathic approach which addresses the Whole Person also.  We believe in getting to the bottom of medical issues and not just treating the symptoms or applying a bandaid.  We have a Naturopathic Physician whom we have been seeing for over 16 years and he has helped and healed our family in countless ways.  We have learned so much from him and he has helped our family to be as healthy as we can be.

That said, we are using a doubled-edged, comprehensive approach to my health.

I am using supplements to support my body while also using a prescription drug to allow me to have the health that I so desperately need and on which I have been missing out, slowly but surely, for the past 10 years.  The allopathic and naturopathic medical professions do compliment each other, and that is the approach we have decided on, in my road back to The Real Me and in the rest of my pregnancy.

So, the rest of this year will be spent on seeking The Real Me.

Who wants to read about that?? 

My blog isn't sensational, as evidenced by the very few readers I have.  My blog isn't ever going to be trendy or modern or hip or with-it.  I won't have ads or giveaways or cool stuff.  

The question is, will you still read it?

I love my readers.  A few of them have become very dear friends, like Erin and Tesha and  Renata, and you know what? It's worth it to me to ramble on here and be a writer just for those three girls!! 

Thanks for letting me ramble.  Thanks for letting me basically do a Heart and Brain Dump here.  I know it's been a bit rabbit trail-ish......but thanks for reading.

And thanks for praying for me as I start on the journey to find The Real Me.


Anna Meng said...

I absolutely Love your blog! Maybe because it is so real, Not one of those blogs that everything is so cheery and perfect all of the time. Your story is a lot like our family's story. Our family has lost so many babies. Although i am not their mother, i am their sister. I have longed for them, yet, i have never gotten to hold them in my arms. One day i will see and love on them in Heaven, because of my personel relationship with Jesus Christ. Please Keep Blogging. You are such an encouragement to me! God Bless!

Renata said...

((HUGS)) dear friend. I was so, so worried about you & am so glad to hear from you ( although thanks to Kristin for keeping us updated). I love reading here & would love to hear about the changes you have to make to keep healthy. I've been praying & praying & praying for you and am so excited to hear that you are alright (in fact I am crying right now)! Praise God for His healing!!!
Renata :)

Kathryn said...

That "42 followers" only represents the number of people that read your blog publicly. You'll never know how many read it anonymously. :)

I am interested, and I really enjoy your blog. I LOVE the day to day stuff, and I LURVE me some pictures. You write so well that I can picture it all in my head, so if you never find your pictures, that's ok :) I'll still read...

And sister, I need an email. What in the world happened last week? I will be praying double time now, and hope you'll keep us updated.

I promised you an email, and you shall have one..I love to write too. This is the toughest week of my whole year, and then school will start next week...once that happens I shall write. :)

Glad to hear you have gotten some help, and they have a proactive plan to get you back to your real self.

Love to you and yours...


The Pauls' Family said...

Glad to hear you are doing better!!! We have been praying for you! I read your blog even though I don't comment all the time I like to hear the updates! Keep getting better :) Rosalie

My Little Warriors said...

You are loved for who you are! and I still read you!!! :)
Love you friend and i'm glad you are still around as well as precious baby boy! :)

Erin said...

So very glad to read that you are on the mend! So scary. Praise God for medical professionals to intervene when needed. I like what you said about finding a balance between medicine and more natural remedies. As with EVERYTHING, there needs to be a healthy balance. Praying for continued healing.

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

2nd time for me to post a comment hope it works!
I am so very pleased for the outcome of your hospitalisation.
When your friend Kristen touched based with me I felt like a long time friend feels when they hear such news,I then kept in regular email contact with her and then made contact with Renata as we both held you up in prayer and petition! I love reading your blog and these days I read only a handful of favs...I once was a huge big time blogger (ask Renata!)I now with my own big family had to choose to read or maintain mine! I read ...My favs!...Your one! As your 'mundane" is my reality as it too is my life! I love to read the mirror image of my days in your blog...I am happy to stay in touch via email if that SUITS YOU BUT BE ASSURED THOUGH FARAWAY...You have a friend in me xo Continued prayer and willing you along from the sidelines

Tesha Papik said...

Leanne I LOVE you whoever the real you is...we are all always changing:) I am so sorry you had to go through this, I know it must bring up many emotions and feelings about life in general. I love your blog and reading whatever you share, it is always YOU and YOU are special and beautiful! You are also such an encouraging person and one of the best supports I had walking through my grief and new pregnancy. Thank you for blogging, being real and being a real friend. I look forward to all your writing rambles.

Susie White said...

I recently found your blog and you are more "real" than any friend I have right now. I like who you are and I will be praying for your full recovery. Can you give us an update? I am a terrible blogger (pretty sure no one reads them, ha ha!) but here are mine if you want to take a peak (eak) and

Rebeca said...

Oh, Leanne! I'm so thankful to read that you and Baby Boy are okay! Praise God. Hugs...