Monday, August 12, 2013

20 Weeks

Here's another Bumpdate.....complete with a picture!!!

I know, it's a miracle that I actually managed to find a picture to post, isn't it??!! Actually, my Techie Daughter helped me find it.  

Without further ado, here is the VERY HUGE, 5 month pregnant Me!


I think the only time I've posted a Bump picture is when I was pregnant with The Babies and I had just found out they were twins, so I was like 16 weeks and just as big as I am now!

So, I'll update on the stats too, okay?

How far along? 20 weeks exactly today! That's 5 months. It means I'm halfway to my due date! 

Weight gained? I had only gained three pounds at my last midwife appointment, and I don't feel like I've gained any more weight lately, praise God!!! 

Maternity clothes? Hello?? What do you think? Umm, with a tummy that big already, of course I'm wearing maternity clothes! I love my Old Navy jersey knit, over belly skirts.

Gender? It's a BOY!!!! I just like to say his name a lot because it sounds so stunning and so miraculous to me! He's a Banana Baby right now, about 10 inches long and 10 ounces.  

Feeling? I'm feeling much farther along in this pregnancy than I really am! Oy.  Sometimes I feel like my insides are being squished by a Hercules fist! I get tired really quickly and have to rest a lot and sometimes I take two naps a day.  I had a return of the nausea for a while, but I think it's gone again, unless I'm hungry.  

Sleep? I'm not really sleeping very good.  Last night was the best night's sleep I have gotten in about a week.  I can't sleep on my side (I'm a side sleeper) and I mostly have to sleep propped up, already!!!! I guess this is just practice for when he gets here and I'm hardly sleeping at all!

Best moment this week? Well, the week has just started.....but at the end of last week I went to one of my favorite resale shops and actually got to look at baby boy clothes and BUY some of them!! I about died over the Baby Boy Jeans!!!!!

Looking forward to? Of course, my next midwife appointment.  She's just a really great gal and I adore her assistant too! I'm also REALLY looking forward to the Bedroom Update that my husband is going to do for me for our 20th anniversary!!!

Cravings: I'm still craving breakfast.  I was craving Dr Pepper, which I never drink at all, for a couple of days.  Right now I'm craving a Baja Chili salad from Wendy's!!! I have to confess that this pregnancy has had me craving really junky stuff, and I'm usually NOT a junky eater.  It's so hard because I know that stuff is soooo bad for me!! From now on, I'm never, ever going to judge a pregnant mama for her cravings!! LOL!

Missing? I'm not missing much, but if I had to think about it, I'd say the thing I miss the most is SLEEP!

I think that's all of the stats.....I hope I didn't bore you to tears!! 


Erin said...

Beautiful Mama! :)

Tesha Papik said...

SO great to see a picture of you(and baby boy) my beautiful friend!!! I am not sleeping either last night was so difficult i thought for sure I would call the Dr. today and demand sleeping pills;/ I didn't, I think I will get some lavender oil and try that. Love the sweet update!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You lookstunning! And I canssure you I was tat size well and truly by 5monthson my last baby and bravely blogged it,I have deated the baby blog now but you look glowing and happy and like the perfect Mumma hen! xo You enjoyevery moment and that is so refreshing to read....xo

Renata said...

Hi Leanne
You look gorgeous & are positively glowing!!! Lovely to see a picture of you! Take care & keep well!

Theresa said...

So beautiful :)